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Hedging Positions in MetaTrader 5

March 20, 2016 by

MetaTrader 5 Build 1274 has been released on MetaQuotes demo server after this Friday’s session close. It is potentially one of the most exciting MT5 updates for many traders. It makes hedging possible. Yes, you can now go long and short on the same currency pair at the same time in MetaTrader 5. For now, it is only on demo accounts — you have to open a special hedging demo account to use that feature. However, it opens up an opportunity for any MT4 robot or strategy working correctly in MetaTrader 5. The official English forum is silent about this update while there is a lively discussion going on in the Russian MQL5 forum.

Here is how you can open hedge demo account in your MetaTrader 5 after updating the platform:

How to open hedging demo account in MT5

See the Hedge suffix in the demo account title:

Hedge Demo Account in MT5

And here is how the hedged (locked) positions look during backtesting (I am short 1 lot and long 2 lots of USD/CHF simultaneously):

Example of buying and selling at the same tiem in MT5

Additionally, the new version of MetaTrader 5 introduces real tick data — a feature long anticipated by the community. It is a much more accurate replacement for the modeled ticks. Here is the screenshot from the Strategy Tester:

Real Ticks in MT5 Strategy Tester

It looks like MetaQuotes is serious about getting traders and brokers onto MT5. Allowing hedged positions eliminates the main disadvantage of MetaTrader 5 while the real ticks data acts as the new advantage for the platform to accelerate transition.

Although I do not believe that position locking (hedging) is beneficial to traders, I realize that the platform’s position system is a major reason holding back the most traders from moving to MT5. I am very glad that MetaQuotes is empowering traders and brokers with such a choice.

As of now, it is completely unknown when these changes are going to be implemented in live trading platforms or even brokers’ demo platforms.

PS: The new MT5 build also switches interface language to Malay for some reason, but you can easily switch it back via menu: Tonton->Languages->English.

If you have any opinion on the upcoming changes to MetaTrader 5 platform, please use the commentary form below to share it with us.

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