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Talking to other market participants is an important part of being a Forex trader. You can learn from other people's experience, find out more about the latest news, get warned about the ongoing scams, and share your own vision of the market. Also, although we do our best to make a full-scale Forex learning portal, we admit that we are not perfect. There are other websites worth visiting and learning from.
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A place to discuss the trading matters. We have strict anti-spam rules and promote selfless sharing of everything that can help trade better. You do not need to register if you just want to read the forums, but you can go through a free 1-minute registration process to reply and start new talks.

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Forex Resources

A curated list of websites that can provide further help in your Forex trading career. We aim to publish links only to the sites that feature some unique content, which is not already available on

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