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Forex/CFD Brokers Losing Traders Percentages — May 2019

May 29, 2019 (Last updated on June 4, 2019) by

Even though trader unprofitability numbers have to be updated by Forex/CFD brokers on a quarterly basis, not all regulated European brokers updated their values since our last review (May 2019). However, the vast majority of brokers already refreshed their risk warning, so it is time to publish our updated report.

The percentage displayed by brokers supposedly includes the number of all losing accounts divided by the number of all accounts during the last 12 months. Only accounts with at least one trade during the period count and zero profit is considered winning accounts. The percentage values do not tell us anything about the size of losses and profits. During our research we have found the following:

  • This time, we studied 117 companies — up from 109 in the previous report.
  • Some brokers stopped publishing losing accounts percentage, others began doing it. This is due to companies leaving or entering ESMA jurisdiction.
  • Mode of the percentage data range has increased somewhat — from 74% to 77%. There were 10 brokers with 77% losing traders.
  • Both median and mean decreased slightly — to 74% and 73% (they were at 75% in January), which is a good sign for European Forex traders.
  • The lowest percentage of losers dropped from 49% to 41% (NTFX), while the maximum jumped from 90% to 100% (HYCM), which is kind of sad.
  • Some brokers that updated their numbers showed small changes, some — big ones. The biggest change was with FXOpen — its percentage of losing traders dropped from 78% to 57%.
  • The data still remain distorted by brokers reporting a range instead of a single number and by brokers with not enough EU traders to produce a meaningful and believable percentage value. Many brokers prefer to operate both EU and offshore companies, registering more traders under the to the latter.

Here is the distribution of unprofitability rates among the studied brokers:

Distribution of ESMA-regulated CFD brokers by percentage of losing traders (n = 117) as of May 2019

The list of 117 brokers and unprofitability of their retail traders (sorted in an ascending order):

List of ESMA-regulated Forex brokers sorted by percentage of losing traders - May 2019

The same list but sorted alphabetically is also available for your convenience.

If you have have any questions or comments regarding this statistics on the FX brokers’ most recent percentage of losing traders, feel free to post them via the commentary form below.

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