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77 reviews of eToro are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, uk.

first they increased the cost of spread, then the price of trades, then minimum deposit. then they increased the minimum trade to $25 , this now makes it a dangerous site for newbies or small traders to trade. I was fuming, I met yoni(the ceo ) and his brother in london and they openly admitted, we do not want small traders,only rich ones, even when i reminded them, it was us small traders that got him where he is now, that built up etoro, that lots of affiliates are now losing sign ups, cause its too expensive.. He then lied to me and said he may drop the minimum trade to $10 , but , of course has not.. The man is greedy, arrogant and a liar .. Now he thinks his above all , because ooh we are sponsors of a football team,, we do not need small traders now.. never trust a company that only has itself in mind, and who has a liar for a ceo and stabs all small traders and new traders who helped built up his company, in the back.

Now they are just pure greed, no loyalty to the small traders , push them out and only want the rich ones...

, UK.

I recently joined Etoro

deposited $1,000. no matter how well you seem to do copying traders (who know what they are doing), you seem to continually lose money every day.

the next day i could not log into my etoro account. the day after that i got in and initiated a withdrawal for the remaining 800 dollers. as i could see that i had no chance of winning money, only ever losing, so i wanted to minimise the damage

since then i have been blocked from my account. look around they internet you will find many, many stories of etoros shady pratices

got an email to say that they have to deduct their bonus out of the remaining funds (oh and not to mention they charge you 25 dollers every time you seek to take your money back)

easy to deposit to this company and they make you jump through hoops trying to withdraw money from them.

will update you in 4 days to confirm they sent me my remaining funds via paypal.

, India.

The trading interface is a bit complicated to use. It took me a month before I fully understand and navigate the platform.

, Japan.

very bad wen the trade i moving against you they refuse to stop your order whe you stop it but they requote you meanwhile when the market is favouring you reverse is the case i think they are frudsters

, U.K..

The main reason anyone would use etoro is their copy system. It's one of the easiest around and lets you copy with ridiculously small amounts. But its not without dangers. You have to take great care in choosing which traders to copy. What you see in stats area can be very misleading. Especially when the trader may be using an account with a tiny amount of capital and just seeking to attract copiers for commissions. Finding long term traders is the key and making sure they have a consistent profit history of a long period. There are some reports on forexop which tell you how to pick the better traders which I used. Etoro now shows a 3 year trade history so this makes it easier. Right now I only follow Aichen and one of his copiers and he comes across to be a low risk trader. Many of the other traders just lead you into big draw downs quickly so you have to cut the copy or risk more losses on your account.

Etoro pluses

+ easy and straightforward for beginners to use platform

+ proportional per trade margin lets you trade with very small accounts

+ social side is useful and provides a lot of insight into sentiment & trends

+ simple copying system

Etoro minuses

- slow

- spreads are v high compared to other brokers

- exit fees and exchange rates

- lack of accounts in multiple currencies

- lack of connectivity with other platforms like Metatrader

If you're a serious trader though there are better services out there than etoro I would say.

, Panama.

Their Webtrader software is useless and makes you lose a lot of money. I lost $240 with it.

I was about to change my stop loss for two positions.

I entered the value in the box and clicked ok when the system got frozen. Not my computer but only the page.

I couldn't click anywhere at that time. Everything was disabled.

It was delaying for like 5 seconds and at the moment

I see that my position reached the stop loss and lost my money.

It was very upsetting. I took image of the graph where one can see that the position's closing time was 2 minutes before than actual SL. So it's an evidence that their server is making delays and/or messing things up. I didn't get any refund because it was lot of money. They admit that having problems with their system. Take a look at the chat transcript:

It's another issue but there they admit their fault.

"Js Fs: I clicked History but it doesn't list the deposit I made the last several month

Sophie: It only shows within the lst 6 months

Js Fs: ok I see, but what does it mean Bonus on the list like Bonus 0.06 cents

Js Fs: Bonus 07/01/13 Credited 06.11 USD eToro Credits

Js Fs: things like that

Sophie: it means that you were refunded this amount

Sophie: for a technical error

Sophie: or something like this

Js Fs: I see. I didn't even know about it :-)

Sophie: It was a technical compensation for a trade that went wrong in a guru's account, I believe

Js Fs: ok thank you, nothing else"

, Spain.

Right where do i start? I trade in small amounts at a time, Back on May 21st 2013 at around 4pm GMT i had a Gold Selling trade worth 300$ at one point it was even positive around 35 - 40$ and then at 4pm The webtrader completely stopped working. I could not log in via Phone, Or PC ( to which i have connected via Wifi, Ethernet cable and 3g ) < So i dont have any connection issues.>

In the end my trade suffered a 100% loss as i was unable to move the stop loss.

And now Etoro are telling me that it was my fault and the webtrader was working fine. Even though it was not, not at all. All platforms were down.

All i ask is for my 300$ to be refunded as i dont see it fair that i should suffer due to THEIR fault. They even admited that there was a problem that day - that hour with the webtrader. But aparently my trade closed when it was fine.. IF IT WAS FINE ETORO I WOULD HAVE BEEN LOGGED IN TO MOVE THE STOP LOSS... how can they be so stupid, and lie to me and potentially many other customers.

Never depositing with eToro again.

And i will take this further up the Managers of etoro if it isnt sorted.

, spain.

After seeing that I can't trade as I thought, as a newbie, I wanted to close my account. Opened ticket TWICE, proceeded as they told me, but my account still active and eToro spamming me with emails.

Also, I don't see where to know my account number. So weird.

, Australia.

I started to use the system, it seemed fine. Yet then the price of silver dropped 50 cents and took out all my stop loss, 30 cents bellow my stop loss. The price of silver only dropped in the ETORO system, it did not drop on reuters. I asked to have the trade removed, because of the error in their system. This was 4 days ago, they have still not responded to communications.

, Germany.

Positive aspects:

* 'eTORO' simple entry vehicle to Forex 'market'

* Easy to learn and use trading platform

* Learn by observing and/or copying others

Negative aspects:

- Expensive spreads by comparison to some other 'brokerages', and therefore higher risks when trading.

- Expensive Withdrawal fees

- Often slow, inaccurate and unreliable trading platform (but this may also be the case with other systems).

- Prejudicial trading hours, since the Forex will both continue to be actively trading after 'eToro' closes and before 'eToro' opens.

- Possible prejudicial "Verification" process. In my case 'eToro' decided to 'Verify' my a/c on a Friday evening. Accepted a CC deposit, but did NOT credit same. This left me with several open positions unfunded for roll-over the w-end! I was forced to sacrifice 3 positions in order to secure other more valuable ones, or lose ALL! Since 'eToro's' accounts dept and admin appears to be in Israel (something not mentioned in their data!), the 'Verification' process did not conclude until the following Tuesday, and after numerous contacts and phone calls (to Israel). I received an apology, but no compensation!

- Why does 'eToro' not 'Verify' new accounts immediately upon opening and thus avoid possibly severe risks of loss to traders? Why 'Verify' an account specifically on a Friday, when there is no hope to conclude such a procedure until the following week?

- A 'brokerage' has in my view an absolute obligation to deal with traders' interests in an efficient, transparent and honest manner, just like a Bank. I have not as yet 'withdrawn' funds from my trading account with 'eToro', but may do so soon. Hopefully there will be no 'issues' and hopefully someone there will address my legitimate request for compensation after being forced to sacrifice 3 positions due to their arbitrary 'Verification' procedure on a Friday p.m. and after having accepted funding but not crediting same.

People need to be totally aware of the extremely High Risk elements involved in trading the Forex as well as added risks run by using inefficient, unreliable online platforms and brokerage peculiarities such as trading hours and funding/withdrawal requirements.

, Manila.

Laura, in response to my own posting you answered with

"if you do not enjoy using the WebTrader we also provide the MT4 platform, all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will provide it to you."

This is simply not true and you should know that your response is false and misleading, as a chat with support proves

"Sharon: Please note that the minimum deposit for MT4 platform is 5000$"

I can get a free demo MT4 connection to Pepperstone, but eToro wants a 5000 deposit????

, UK.

Dear Laura!

Thanks a lot for reading my case here, and I have emailed you all the details that you have asked for. I am happy to know that there are still honest and supportive people working in etoro, otherwise i was so much disappointed with your platform.

I would really like to have you support in this matter. Thanks a lot once again and I will again write a review here once i get my compensation, so that i would let people know that the case was resolved bu etoro and they played honest with me.

Thanks for earnforex.com to provide us this platform to spread awareness.



, France.

Dear Rafia,

I've had a look at your post here and the correspondence you've posted and I believe that you are absolutely right to demand full compensation. I've talked it over with our support department and we've decided to reimburse you the full amount you lost due to the technical malfunction of our platform. I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you've suffered. The support representative that was in touch with you clearly did not understand your claim fully and I apologize for that. Please contact us at social@etoro.com with details of your account and the exact amount that is owed to you and we will make sure to reimburse you fully. Once again, please accept our humble apologies.

In regards to Marco's post about the WebTrader and CopyTRader, the WebTrader platform is designed to simplify the trading process for beginner traders, however it still contains all the advanced features experienced traders need. It allows you to edit stops on open positions manually so you can adjust your stops, however if you do not enjoy using the WebTrader we also provide the MT4 platform, all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will provide it to you.

As for CopyTrader, we are aware that we have high risk traders who get copiers, however the bonuses they get for their copiers do not make it worthwhile for them to gamble their money away frivolously. These traders still want to profit from their trades and operate with that premise in mind first and foremost. Furthermore, any trader wishing to copy them will see that this is a high risk trader from their personal profile, and in any case you can only use 20% of your account to copy any one trader, so even if they "blow all their money" your risk is significantly lower than theirs. Of course we cannot prevent these traders from trading with us, nor do we want to. They have a right to trade just like everyone else. The OpenBook social trading network is a free and democratic network where the traders decide for themselves what they want to do. We do not recommend copying high risk traders, but we certainly aren't going to prevent them from doing so.

I wish you all happy trading,

Laura, eToro Team

, Manila.

eToro seems to be working hard at hitting rock bottom. They keep insisting on using a very poor software platform called WebTrader and their on-line flack IRAMORE just keeps repeating that it's much better than MetaTrader... First, Webtrader lacks mimimal features like trailing stops. These could be simulated through having the SL moved into a positive number, but the newer version of WebTrader removed this. It's also much harder to long into than MetaTrader ...

The biggest selling point of eToro is supposed to be it's copy trade feature, but it has been made very dangerous because many outside traders come to eToro with a small capital and take insane risks to make huge returns and get copiers and guru bonuses fast; this never works as they always blow the account anyway; this week a star trader called TheSizzle blew his account and the money of over 3000 copiers, and it's his third blown account on eToro in less than 1 year. Big yawn, he will be back and eToro will will just let him operate.

Do yourself a favor and check out PAMM account instead.

, Uk.

Etoro is a big Scam. Please Stay Away From Etoro . Beaware of Etoro... All they want is to trap a prey and then they steal your money from your account very smartly. On 12th July, there was a cyber attack on the platform, I don't know is it true or not, But I lost $1900 just because of etoro platform. I talked to the representative Adams and he told me that I will be compensated for my loss only. He asked me to open the Ticket. Please check my whole conversation here. DO READ WHOLE CONVERSATITION TILL THE END.IT IS EYE OPENEING FOR TRADERS.

From me To Etoro

Jul 12

Case ID: 112,015

Subject: GPB/USD


Dear Admin! Trade id # 29170302 Your platform was down or was stuck i don't know, but it didn't hit my stop loss and took my all money from my account. This is so frustrating as I trade on a daily basis. I talked to a customer service that your platform is down and I wanted to close this trade, as i don't want to hit stop loss, they said that it will be compensated. I logged in via my mobile and tried to change my stop loss, it said that it has been accepted. Your platform froze at that time and now i checked it and my stop loss was 1.5398 which i never set. My stop loss was at 1.5452 and i set it to 1.5458. This is not fair at all. After that when i saw that my stop loss is at 1.5385, i was shocked. I contacted customer service and they said to contact you. Meanwhile, i saw that my all trade has been closed itself. Please look into matter and compensate me my full trade amount asap.. Regards, Rafia

Again my email to Etoro

Jul 13

Case ID: 112,240

Subject: Trade ID # 29170302

Description:Dear Admin! This is very urgent!I emailed you yesterday about this trade. I need compensation asap. This is not fair that I suffer just because of your platform error. I need to invest money and you took away my all funds due to error. Please reply to me asap.

Another problem occurred on the platform

Jul 13

Case ID: 112,288

Subject: Trade 29198297

Description: Dear Admin! This is another problem from etoro platform. I don't know what happened to etoro, as it was working great before. I was trying to deposit money to fund account and there was a problem with cashier. It said it is not available and try this service later. This is so much flustering now. It hit the stop loss and even took funds from my account which were in the account. Please compensate me for this, as I have been trading on a daily basis with you, and facing this problem from last 2 days. Please do it asap. Thanks Regards, Rafia

Reply form Etoro 16 July

eToro Case ID:112,015

Dear Rafia Shabbir,

eToro's technical department reviewed your claims in regards to execution problems and decided to refund your account with a trading bonus, equal to the amount of $140 lost in positions numbers: 29170302

The amount to be compensated is the difference between the original stoploss amount and the amount the position was closed with.

Kindly reply to this email, and acknowledge that you have no claim or grounds for claim, of any nature whatsoever, against eToro concerning the above technical event of July 12th 2012.

We apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to get in touch with your account manager or support may you require further details.

Best Regards,

eToro Customer Service Team

Reply from Me 20th July

eToro Case ID:112,015

Dear Admin!

I don't accept this compensation in any case. I am so much worried now. How can you make me suffer due to error in your platform. Please revise the whole case asap. I never closed my position and it closed automatically when i was in the position of recovering my losses. I never adjusted the stop loss that it hit. First of all your platform didn't hit my stop loss as it was froze, after that it took all my money from my account, and after that my stop loss was set at 1.5384 and then suddenly it said that it has stopped due to stop loss at 1.5417 when i was recovering my loss. I need full compensation of this loss.



Reply From Etoro July 18th

eToro Case ID - 112,288

Dear Rafia Shabbir,

We are pleased to inform you that a refund of $12 was added to your account regarding the technical problem you encountered on the Position ID: 29198297.

Reply from me July 19th

eToro Case ID - 112,288

Dear Admin!

I don't claim this amount. I lost more than $700 in this trade due to your platform and you are offering me $12 only. This is not fair. I was told that you compensate the total lost amount. I need full compensation.

Reply from Etoro 19th July

eToro Case ID - 112,288

Dear Rafia Shabbir,

Since your position had hit the stoploss regardless of the technical problem, you were compensated for the difference between the final loss, and the original stoploss.

The losses you have received after this compensation are the losses you would have received if there was no technical problem.

Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat live with us during our business hours.

Best Regards,

eToro Customer Service Team

Reply From Me July 20th

eToro Case ID - 112,288

Dear Admin!

This is what i am saying that there was a technical problem and i couldn't change the stop loss of my trade to save my trade to hit stop loss due to your platform error. I need the compensation of my losses occurred due to your platform server down. I am so stressed up with all this matter now. Why should I suffer due to your platform cyber attack. I joined etoro to earn money and not to give away money because your platform went through a cyber attack.




Reply from Etoro 23rd July

eToro Case ID - 112,288

Dear Rafia Shabbir,

Can you confirm at what time (GMT) you have tried to change the stoploss for this trade?

Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat live with us during our business hours.

Best Regards,

eToro Customer Service Team

Reply from me 24th July

eToro Case ID - 112,288

Dear Admin!

I don't remember time exactly, but i talked to the Customer representative at that time, when i was unable to access the cashier part, they said there is some technical problem or what..I told them that i wasn't able to fund my account due to this problem and i wanted to increase the stop loss...

After that loss i was still trying to fund my account but it was still not working and i opened a ticket to CR and we talked about it... I am fed up of explaining my position again and again. Whatever etoro did to me was so bad and i trade on other platforms that work under Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission , but i have never faced such an issue with any other broker in my life... I am disappointed.

This is my last email in this regard, as i know you will never compensate my loss still after admitting that there was an error in the platform.

Reply from Etoro 23rd July

Dear Rafia Shabbir,

As you said, the stoploss was never edited and the problem was that it did not close at the chosen stoploss rate.

We acknowledge that this was an error, and that is why we offer to compensate you for the losses beyond your stoploss. Your position would have suffered a loss of $1000 if there had not been a technical problem.

Therefore the compensation amount is for the extra $140 that were lost due to the problem.

Kindly reply to this email, and acknowledge that you have no claim or grounds for claim, of any nature whatsoever, against eToro concerning the above technical event of July 12th 2012.

Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat live with us during our business hours.

Best Regards,

eToro Customer Service Team

Reply From Me on 24th July

Dear Admin!

I was not able to change my stop loss or either was not unable to close my position due to your platform and you are saying that it is my fault... I never closed that position, then who closed that position? your platform not me... When i was recovering my losses, your platform closed my trade. First it never hit the stoploss, according to your platform my stoploss was set at 1.5384 and it stopped at 1.5427 why?, i never closed it and then why your platform closed it all of the sudden. At that time i was talking to CR about this matter that my stop loss never hit and it took my funds in the account, i was talking to him, and my position was closed suddenly, and I told them that now my position is closed and i never closed it....

I am really fed up now... You are admitting your mistake and still not compensating my losses... I don't trade to give my all money to brokers..,Sorry...

I am so much frustrated now.

After this I didn’t get any response and Mati Greenspan my account manager called me and said that forget whatever is happened in past and fund more money and then start trading…..

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