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Forex/CFD Brokers Losing Traders Percentages — January 2019

January 31, 2019 by

As the year 2018 has come to end, many Forex brokers now have to update their traders’ unprofitability numbers as required by the ESMA regulations. However, it seems like not all brokers have done so since the last time we reported on these values (November last year). Either that or for many brokers the percentage of traders losing money did not change at all, which does not seem likely. The overview of our findings is provided below:

  • The data is supposedly for the full year of 2018.
  • We studied 109 brokers this time — up from 107 in our previous report.
  • Not much has changed in terms of average unprofitability — the mean and median remained the same while the mode decreased just by 1%.
  • The minimum percentage of losers dropped from 52% to 49% while the maximum (90%) stayed the same.
  • The majority of brokers that updated their numbers did not show significant changes — most of them being just a few percent. The biggest change was with Fortrade — its percentage of losing traders jumped from 71% to 86.59%.
  • The data remain distorted by brokers reporting a range instead of a single number and by brokers with not enough EU traders to produce a meaningful and believable percentage value. More and more brokers keep both EU and offshore divisions, sending most of their clientele to the latter instead of the former.

The distribution of unprofitability among the studied companies looks like this:

Distribution of ESMA-regulated CFD brokers by percentage of losing traders (n = 109) as of January 2019

The list of 109 brokers and unprofitability of their retail traders (sorted in an ascending order):

List of ESMA-regulated Forex brokers sorted by percentage of losing traders - January 2019

The same list but sorted alphabetically is also available for your convenience.

If you have have any questions regarding this statistics on FX brokers’ losing traders percentage, feel free to ask via the commentary form below.

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