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Things to look out for when reading online reviews of retail forex brokers:

  • Some testimonials come from motivated visitors and are partially or completely fake. Just ask yourself: "Does this sound like someone who has actually traded with this company and wants to share their experience?"
  • A good review is well detailed and tries to highlight both the negatives and the positives of the broker.
  • Some negative feedback may be submitted by the company's competitors. Even though we've gotten pretty good at filtering them, some of them still get through.
  • Official representatives of many brokers often answer questions mentioned in reviews and help solve them. Such cases can be useful if you are not sure if this broker is right for you.
Here you can find links to reviews of all forex brokers that are listed on EarnForex. If you are looking for the best broker, reading these reviews will help you to do this. All broker reviews are linked from this page. Brokers are sorted by the amount of feedback they received from traders.