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Litecoin is not as popular as some other payment options (even compared to Bitcoin). The liquidity of LTC/USD and similar pairs is a far cry from the enormous trading volumes enjoyed by EUR/USD, but there are still some factors that could sway traders towards choosing one of the brokerage companies that work with Litecoin:

  • Litecoin is your currency of choice. Opening an account with a Litecoin Forex broker will make depositing and withdrawing funds easier for you if you prefer using LTC to fiat in your daily life.
  • You want to benefit from the long-term trend in cryptocurrencies as a hedge against the inflationary fiat currencies.
  • LTC/USD is an interesting trading instrument with unique approaches to analysis and strategy building.
  • Most brokers offer LTC/USD trading on Saturdays and Sundays when normal currency markets are closed.
  • You are skeptical about Litecoin's future and would like to short LTC against other currencies (or even cryptocurrencies).