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Calculate Maximum Position Size by Stop-Out

Although it makes sense for Forex traders to calculate risk-based position size based on a rather small percentage of their account size, it is sometimes necessary to open a trade with the maximum possible size based on the broker's stop-out level. This maximum position size calculator lets you calculate the maximum trade size based on your stop-loss distance, account size, and your broker's margin stop-out level. It takes into consideration the account currency and the currency pair being traded. You will need to enter some currency exchange rates if conversion is required for margin or profit currencies. After you press the Calculate button, the results in both Units and standard Lots will be presented to you.

Account currency
Currency pair

The calculations should be use cautiously. This maximum position size by margin stop-out level is intended only for use on an account where you don't mind losing nearly the entire balance on a single trade. Such a trading style makes sense if you only transfer enough money to a Forex broker to open just one trade while you keep the rest of your trading money at the bank.

The calculator assumes that you don't have any other trades open in your account and that you won't be opening any other trades apart from the calculated one. Introduction of other trades invalidates the calculation results.


Warning! The calculator works as is. There is no warranty of accuracy. Use at your own risk.