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Displaying Variable Spread on Chart

November 10, 2009 (Last updated on May 3, 2015) by

Enough with the conversion of the old MT4 indicators to MT5. I’ve decided to add something new today. One of my site’s visitors asked me to make some working MT5 indicator that would display the spread on the chart (which is really useful for variable spreads). I’ve created this indicator both for MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. You can use it to be always able to see the real actual spread on the currency pair you are trading. You can modify almost all display parameters and it will work with the additional digit quotes too. Maybe I shouldn’t be making an indicator out of it, and it would work fine as a script, but I believe that in this case the indicator allows more flexibility and probably some future upgrades:

Update 2015-05-03: The Spread indicator has been updated to allow custom pip size setting and to comply with the latest MetaTrader standards (e.g. it will now compile in post-600 builds of MT4). The new input parameters look like this:

Spread Indicator - Input Parameters Dialog in MT5

If you have any questions or interesting thoughts regarding this spread indicator for MetaTrader, please feel free to reply using the form below.

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