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MetaTrader Panel for Position Size Calculator

September 7, 2016 (Last updated on February 5, 2017) by

In February 2008, I have launched a simple online position size calculator — a tool that helped thousands of traders to open trades based on their risk preference. In March 2012, I have published the first version of position size calculator (PSC) indicator for MetaTrader. Now, 4 years later, I am honored to present the latest iteration in the development of PSC — the position size calculator with a graphical panel:

Position Size Calculator for MetaTrader - Graphical Panel

In addition to an entirely new user interface, the latest version of this position sizing indicator includes:

  • Account currency display.
  • Current leverage display.
  • Custom leverage input for margin calculation.
  • Calculation of the maximum position size with all the available margin.
  • Configuration saving and loading.
  • Compatibility with hedging mode in MT5 (including the trading script).

This video briefly explains how to use this indicator, including placing trades using its outputs:

If you find any bugs in this calculator panel for MetaTrader or if you have some cool ideas to add to it, please post them using the commentary form below.

7 Responses to “MetaTrader Panel for Position Size Calculator”

  1. Jose Antonio

    hello, forgive if not well written am from Spain, and not the English I’m good.
    I downloaded Position Size Calculator, and gives me some thirty compiled errors. I’m not doing wrong. Abusing a little more your patience I have also downloaded the zip PSC-TRADER and you started communicating metatrader I get a screen that does not work. I must be very clumsy. If you could help me I would be very grateful


    Andriy Moraru Reply:

    Please make sure that of the following:
    1. You using MT4 indicator version in MT4 platform or MT5 indicator in MT5 platform.
    2. All files are unzipped into the same subfolder in /MQL4/Indicators/ or /MQL5/Indicators/.
    3. You are compiling .mq4 or .mq5 file, not .mqh.

    Seeing the errors would also help me to understand the problem.


  2. Jose Antonio

    forgives think I have not put well. the version indicator is MT4
    my platform is MT4.
    if I put in the subfolder in / MQL4 / Indicators
    I have compiled the file .mq4


    Andriy Moraru Reply:

    Then, I would need to see the list of errors it outputs when you try to compile it.


  3. Jose Antonio

    Hello, I’ve managed to install it, I again put my broker MT4 clean and working properly, Thanks for everything


  4. Qamar


    The Take-profit button allows quick setting of TP to the level equal to the current SL value.

    Is it possible to change the Take-profit button to set it to 2X the current SL value?


    Andriy Moraru Reply:

    Yes, it is possible to modify the code to make it 2x. I do not want to change it for everyone, but you can make the change in your own version. Change these lines 1341-1342 in PositionSizeCalculator.mqh file:

    	if (tStopLossLevel < tEntryLevel) sets.TakeProfitLevel = tEntryLevel + tEntryLevel - tStopLossLevel;
    	else if (tStopLossLevel > tEntryLevel) sets.TakeProfitLevel = tEntryLevel - tStopLossLevel + tEntryLevel;


    	if (tStopLossLevel < tEntryLevel) sets.TakeProfitLevel = tEntryLevel + (tEntryLevel - tStopLossLevel) * 2;
    	else if (tStopLossLevel > tEntryLevel) sets.TakeProfitLevel = (tEntryLevel - tStopLossLevel) * 2 + tEntryLevel;


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