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The Best Forex Broker: One for Everyone

Dishonest and illegitimate brokers who defraud their customers are a disgrace to the online Forex brokerage business. Many traders are rightfully scornful of those who lack the basic decency to allow them to withdraw their funds, even after losses. And sometimes traders can't help but feel that if they could just locate that best Forex broker hidden somewhere in the far reaches of the cyber-jungle, trading and profiting would give the taste of fine French wines, instead of the usual vinegar. But are Forex brokers really such a wicked lot that even the Evil One himself is put to shame by his incompetence in comparison? Is the oversight of multiple government agencies, newspapers and the trader community insufficient to convince them to behave like normal people? Most importantly, since retail Forex is like a shower of gold and silver for online brokers, do they really need to kill their Golden Goose by defrauding traders and destroying their Forex strategies through misquotes and stop-running?

The fact of the matter is that the number of fraudsters in the Forex market is a lot smaller than what many disgruntled traders believe. If you have the misfortune of being a victim of one of them, no doubt, our words will not do much to help you trust the brokers. But we invite you to recall the fact that there are a significant number of firms which have been in operation for many years in nations where regulation and oversight is strictest. Surely, a broker with a long history in Switzerland does not prove much about the reliability of Forex brokers, but others headquartered in New York, and monitored and authorized by the authorities for years cannot have had the skills to keep everyone blind for so many years. Forex is risky, and requires patient study, but it is no longer a shady corner of the internet world: it is regulated and monitored, and more and more a part of the mainstream of financial business.

And while we'd love to send you to the best broker in this article, the good news is that we don't even need to. There are a large number of firms operating online today which cater to different kinds of investors with different expectations and skills. If you're a professional, you will not be equally satisfied by the offer of a decent, legitimate broker which caters to beginners and average traders for the most part. As a beginner, you're unlikely to have all your needs expectations fulfilled by a well-established firm with excellent services and yet a significant minimum deposit requirement. It is this diversity of offers that makes online Forex the field of pioneers, and such an exciting place to be for traders. If you're one of those brave people who want to explore this brave new world, go check your Forex broker ratings now, and who knows, maybe you'll grow to become the next Martin Schwartz of the century. Anything is possible in Forex.

By Carl Hayes

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