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Gmail Alerts in MetaTrader 4

If you already know how to configure MetaTrader 4 to send email alerts, then you might be interested to learn how to configure Gmail alerts in MetaTrader 4 to use Gmail SMTP server to send MT4 email notifications.

Gmail Alerts in MetaTrader 4

How to Enable Alerts in MetaTrader 4 via Gmail Server?

Configuring email alerts in MetaTrader 4 using Gmail is very, very easy! Depending on your security settings, you may need to change some options in you Gmail account, but usually this is not necessary.

Gmail uses the following settings:

  • SMTP:
  • Username: your Gmail email address
  • Password: your Gmail password

You can set them up via Tools->Options->Email, filling the required fields with the provided details.

MetaTrader - Configure Email Settings

If when you click Test, the email fails to send, you usually should also receive an email message to your Gmail account warning you about a security issue.

MetaTrader - Mail: login to failed
Send Message Failed
MetaTrader - Review Blocked Sign-in Attempt at Gmail
Gmail Security Message

If this is your case, then you have to change a security setting to allow Gmail SMTP to accept emails from insecure apps. This is not normally recommended from a security point of view, but there is no choice if you want to send emails via Gmail from MetaTrader.

To enable this setting, login to your Gmail account and in the top-right corner, click Options and My Account:

MetaTrader - My Account Under Options in Gmail

Navigate to apps settings:

MetaTrader - Navigating to Apps Settings in Gmail

Turn on the Allow less secure apps setting:

MetaTrader - Switching Allow Less Secure Apps On

After the setting has been changed, you can retest the email options in MetaTrader and hopefully it will be successful:

MetaTrader - Mail: 'Test message' has been sent


From this guide, you learned how to configure your Gmail account with MetaTrader 4. You also saw how to enable "less secure apps" to send email using Gmail SMTP. Unfortunately, MetaTrader does not support SSL, hence you will not be able to configure SMTP using SSL in MetaTrader 4.