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Forex Resources for Daily Monitoring

Even the best Forex traders need to refresh their knowledge and regularly gain new information related to currency trading. There are online Forex resources that provide information, news, books, communities, tools, and other important advantages to traders for free. Here is the list of the most useful Forex resources that are worth to be visited daily by every trader: — business and currency news that create fundamental background for the Forex market. I prefer to browse these news everyday before making any trading decisions.

Reuters — though not as focused on markets as Bloomberg, Reuters offers timely news on almost any topic and will compliment your news feed of important events. — apart from the usual Forex tools, there are forums that are actually visited by many new and professional traders who share their experience with different trading systems, Forex brokers, expert advisors, etc.

MQL5 — a large Forex community primarily focusing on the technical tools for trading — such as expert advisors and indicators for trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Forexlive — a live feed of news related to Forex and also some insights into the sentiment analysis of the market.

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