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Unresolved Function in MT5

December 8, 2009 (Last updated on December 10, 2009) by

After the latest update of the MetaTrader 5 terminal beta (to build 228) the new error appeared in the newly recompiled expert advisors. When adding an EA to a chart an “Unresolved Function” error is displayed in the Experts output tab and the EA isn’t attached (even the input parameters dialog doesn’t appear):

Unresolved Function Error

The error appears only for those expert advisors that were compiled after the update to build 228. It looks like the error is caused by the declaration calls of MqlTradeRequest object, which is required to send trading orders/trades to the system. EAs can’t function without such objects. Of course, it’s only a beta testing period for MT5, but with such errors it’s now impossible to test any new MT5 expert advisors or use the updated EAs. The only thing traders and developers can do now is to wait for the new build of MetaTrader 5 platform to be released.

Update: This error was solved the next day in the build 229 release of MT5 beta.

If you encountered some other strange errors and bugs in MetaTrader 5 and want to ask questions about them or just share your experience, please, feel free to reply in the commentary form below.

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