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Basic Scheduling EA for MetaTrader

August 11, 2020 by

Have you ever wanted to set up a schedule for your MetaTrader platform to turn off AutoTrading at a given day and time and then re-enable it at some other day and time? Me neither! But I am quite sure there are many people who need something like that. AutoTrading Scheduler is my new panel-based expert advisor that does just that does just that.

There is nothing complicated about its usage — you just give it a schedule (in the form of hour/minute time ranges), let it know whether you want existing positions and orders closed before disabling AutoTrading, and turn it on. The rest is handled automatically. Of course, you have to leave it on (preferably on a VPS) for it to operate constantly.

AutoTrading Scheduler EA with a five-day schedule

AutoTrading Scheduler is a little spin-off of the Account Protector expert advisor. Some users suggested adding a scheduling capability to it, but I decided that it would work better as a separate tool. After all, Account Protector is already quite overloaded with everything.

If you find any bugs in this scheduling expert advisor for MetaTrader or if you have some cool ideas to improve it, please post them using the commentary form below. Alternatively, you can use its GitHub repository for that.

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