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Free Books on MQL4 Language (Coding)

Forex traders often wonder about studying the MQL4 language — how and where to learn it? One way to learn MQL4 coding is to explore the existing MetaTrader 4 expert advisors and indicators and try to understand their code using the built-in help files in MetaEditor, modify the existing scripts, and try to create your own simple code.

Another way is to learn from experts in this field — from books. Unfortunately, there aren't many good books on MQL4 and not all of them are worth buying if you only plan to learn certain tricks to modify and customize the existing programs for MetaTrader. That is why it is always good to have some free books on MQL4 coding available. Currently, only two such books are worth your attention:

Coder's Guru Full Course is a compilation of lessons posted by codersguru user of the Forex-TSD forum's free section. It is uploaded to server and you can download it freely. The book is rather big and explains a lot about coding and about various aspects of the MQL4 language. It will be useful both to those traders who aren't familiar with any programming language and to those who are acquainted with C/C++ or similar languages. A big advantage of this course is that its author discusses some popular problems that an average user may stumble upon during learning to code and coding in MQL4.

Sergey Kovalyov's Book on Programming in Algorithmic Language MQL4 is an official MQL4 book distributed freely by MetaQuotes Ltd (the company that created the MetaTrader 4 platform and the MQL4 language). It was written by Sergey Kovalyov, an author of many successful MQL4 scripts, indicators, and EAs. The book isn't too difficult to understand and goes from basics to creation of complex programs. It will be most useful to traders who want acquire deep knowledge and understanding to create their own custom MQL4 programs. But traders who prefer to remain "casual coders" also won't be disappointed and will be able to read only those parts that interest them. Unfortunately, this book is now available only in HTML (web) format and is not available for download for stand-alone studying.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding free books about MQL4 coding for Forex, you can join our forum to discuss them with other coders and traders.

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