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Forex Market Infographics

The Forex infographics that you will find below illustrate the enormous size and extensive geographical distribution of the global currency market in an easily comprehensible manner.

Forex market turnover

According to the 2022 Bank for International Settlements FX report, the Forex industry has returned to growth. For better understanding of the current state of the foreign exchange market you can see the most important volume metrics in the form of infographics. The first one shows the global FX turnover along with the biggest participants — the financial institutions that provide liquidity to the retail Forex brokers. The data is taken from the 2019 BIS FX report and from Euromoney’s FX survey 2022.

Global Foreign Exchange Market Daily Turnover in 2022

Top Forex currencies

The next piece of Forex infographic presented to you is the visualized statistics of currency and currency pair popularity in Forex trading. Although London still hosts the largest volume of daily Forex transactions, the pound sterling is only 4th by popularity, while GBP/USD keeps the third spot among currency pairs. The infographic is based on the data provided in the 2022 Triennial Report by the BIS.

Global Forex Market Turnover by Currency and Currency Pair in 2022

FX trading worldwide

Despite the fact that the US dollar is the most popularly traded currency in the modern FX market, the worldwide leader for the currency trading is not the United States but the United Kingdom with its capital city of London. The presented infographic displays the geographical distribution of global Forex trading turnover. The data is from April 2022, taken from the above-mentioned BIS triennial report. The surveyed countries are introduced with both percentage shares of their global FX volume and the absolute daily values (average for the month of April) in billions USD.

Geographical Distribution of Global Foreign Exchange Turnover in 2022

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