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8 Basic Tips on Choosing Best Forex Broker

There are some basic notices that you should consider when you want choosing online Forex broker.

1. Spread Amount

The spread, which is calculated in pips, is the difference between how much you can buy or sell a currency at a specific point in time.

Forex currencies are not traded through a central exchange market, so the spread can be different depending on the Forex broker you use. Some online Forex brokers have variable spread; some of them have two spread amounts that depend to day and night.

Some of them their spread depends to the position of market. When market is quiet the spread is small and when market is busy the spread is high. I prefer Forex brokers that have fixed spread, because over the long term fixed can be safer.

2. Execution

— How fast is the broker's order execution?

— Do they offer automatic execution?

— How much can you trade before having to request a quote?

— Do they trade against their clients?

The best way to find out is to open a demo account and give them a test drive.

3. Leverage Options

Leverage is expressed as a ratio between the total capital that is available to be traded and your actual capital. For example, when you have a ratio of 100:1, your Forex broker will lend you $100 for every $1 of actual capital you have. Leverage is a necessity in Forex trading because the price deviations in the currencies are set at fractions of a cent.

Before choosing an online Forex broker notice that what is their leverage. Many brokerages offer a flexible margin that allows you to choose the leverage that's right for you.

4. Account Types

Notice the Forex broker you choose has mini account or not. Mini account is designed for those new to online currency trading and those with limited investment capital. There is a smaller deposit required to start trade of just $300 or less.

5. Trading Platform

Good trading software will show live prices that you can actually trade at, not just indicative quotes. It will offer Limit and Stop orders, and ideally will let you attach these to your entry order. One-Cancels-Other orders are another useful feature — they mean you can set up your trade and then leave the software to get on with it.

6. Dealing Tools and Value-Added Services

Find out online Forex broker that offers the best resources and information to help you make the smartest trading decisions. A good company should offer real-time charts, technical analysis tools, real-time news and data, and software or website support. Be weary of any company that refuses to share information or trial versions before opening up an account. You will want to try out their system before you choose to invest money in it.

7. Support

Forex is a 24 hour market, so your online Forex broker should offer 24 hour support. You should also check if you can close positions over the phone — essential in case your PC or internet connection crash at a critical moment. You could contact to their Internet help desks to see how quickly they respond to inquiries.

8. Get Referrals

Ask around and read Forex forums to find out which Forex brokers other people use and why they selected a specific broker.

by Mostafa Soleimanzadeh