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5 Reasons to Use Forex VPS

Installing your trading system on a dedicated server with a full-time connection to the trading server and no need to reboot, restart, or be turned off is a great advantage that can seriously enhance your trading results. If you trade with MetaTrader expert advisors, there is a great selection of VPS services available for you — starting from as little as $9/month they can guarantee 99.9% uptime of your trading robots. This is a list of five main reasons to use a Forex VPS:

  1. Uninterrupted 24/7 run-time of your expert advisor ensures that it uses all the trading signals. You will not miss any opportunities. Your EA will also be able to close other positions on time and will not need to store its internal variables in a file to load them after restart — there will be no need to restart during trading sessions.
  2. No need to run an expert advisor from your home or office PC. Now that your expert advisor is trading on a real account from a VPS, you can stop running your MetaTrader platform all the time. You can also safely reboot your PC and turn it off when you do not use it. And there is no more stress when you suddenly get some critical software error due to your trading platform.
  3. Because VPS is a dedicated server that runs only your trading platform and EAs, it can offer much better performance, processing the incoming data and sending orders much faster than your own PC could do. This can really help you to get better execution rates, to deal with the requotes, and to use scalping systems.
  4. You can choose a VPS, which is located physically close to your Forex broker's trading server, ensuring even faster connection and order execution. For example, if you trade from New Zealand and your broker is located in the United States, you will always have some network latency due to the distance. However, installing your EA on a VPS, which is hosted in the USA, will remove this latency.
  5. Usually, VPS can be accessed anywhere from any computer. So if you travel a lot, you will not need to move your expert advisor from your PC to your notebook or some mobile device. Your EA will always remain on a VPS, and you will be able to control and monitor it by logging into your VPS control panel from any place with an internet connection.

Of course, your EA should be a profitable one and your monthly profit should be high enough to cover the cost of the VPS or otherwise there is no point in using it. You can also use VPS hosting for demo testing your EAs, but that is quite an expensive endeavor.