Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

Discussion in 'General Forex Discussion' started by edoforex, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. REB_FX

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    The issue I see is that when you lose on demo, is the majority of people will have the attitude of Oh well its not actually my money.
    I don't doubt people will try and want to win on demo, but there is no money on the line.
    The other issue i see is having less fear, being less cautious when entering trades, which will change when using a live account.
    Mindset and emotion are major factors in trading successfully.
  2. DT77

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    Using a cent account is only slightly more stressful than demo as the money at risk doesn't amount to much. But you have to start somewhere so a natural progression from demo to tiniest lots and work your way up slowly is the way to go. The money you risk should not be stressing you out anyway, if it is then you are risking too much and then you'll start emotional trading and then you'll lose everything :)
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    Yes very good point!
    Obviously no one wants to lose money lol but if you are emotionally attached to it and the outcome, its a recipe for disaster.
    When i place a trade now, i consider the 2% lost, so there is no attachment to the outcome.
  4. Ary Barroso

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    Basically, we can’t remove our emotions since, it’s a human nature but what we can do; learning the tactics on controlling the emotions & greed.

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