1. Chadpowell

    Never trust Instacoin

    This platform is as useless as it can be. I am almost sure that they are scams. They do not provide any TXid for any transaction and they delay creating the transaction for a very long tome, sometimes more than a whole 24 hours. I have checked it a lot of times. They say that the transaction is...
  2. shanmugapradeep

    HFM (Hotforex) does not allow Risk-Free Trading & Low Ping Rate VPS

    Hello, I’ve been using HotForex for quite some time, and so far, I haven’t encountered any issues with them. Perhaps it’s because I’m still in a loss. Their support has been good. However, while browsing through ForexPeaceArmy’s forum, I stumbled upon a complaint regarding HotForex. HotForex...
  3. L

    EA useless when trading with prop firms

    Guys a lot of ea are being sabotaged on prop challenges. if you think you can just run trendline EA or even the chart pattern EA from earnforex. its a rigged game . the charts just freeze then unfreeze when removing them. ftmo and funddnext. your gonna have to use a copier. i could tell you more...
  4. Ivancortes

    HELP!! GBG Limited is a scam and i can't withdraw my money.

    I hereby wish to register my situation of withholding of funds with the trading and Forex company called GBG LIMITED (GLOBAL BENEFITS GROUP UK) and whose web page I attach below: gbglmtd[dot]com I would like to put you in context so that you can understand the situation. On June 15, 2023...
  5. Moty

    7 Facts to Know About ASJ Forex Global

    ASJ forex global 不是一个好的选择。如果你想要更多真实的细节,你可以看看有没有慈善,只有庞氏骗局:ASJ Forex 被扛穿并逃跑
  6. M

    Scammed by "Brokers"

    Hi All, I am from india and i am new to this forum and i lost 5000 USD by broker from canada and my account suspended once i am applied withdrawl in my trading account. And later i have invested another broker Isports trader and even this company advisor also made me loss...
  7. sofitlmm

    FXFlat Bank SCAM. Refuses to pay even thought they are regulated.

    I was operating on MT5 normally when i depare with a situation where i couldn't open trades. I waited few hours, maybe was their service in maintenance but yet i haven't received any email informing anything. I then went to their live chat which was really rude and unprofessional, didn't explain...
  8. K

    Advanced Scam

    Hello, I would like to have some information about the currency trends that can be seen on the MT5 app. I am the subject of a scam by a broker. I traded with information received from a person and each time I won. I am of a small amount invested. The person told me that the information was going...
  9. stevebrake16

    Scam warning

    Stay away from they took me for 1500$ with an elaborate scheme then kept asking for fees to recoup what I had in, you been warned
  10. M

    IC Market is scammer

    hello trader i want to warn you about broker IC Market which is scammer as it trade against you. i was trading gold on 18/4/2022 and i had placed sell order on my live account. my trade was going in profit and suddenly i saw 4 buy order placed in my account by the broker . i was surprise to see...
  11. J

    Review of broker "Blake Finance Limited"

    I want to complain about Blake Finance Limited broker, site They are scammers. They themselves claim to be registered in England. They call people (including those in America), promise a yield of 20-30% per month, untwist for a deposit, draw deals with big profits on their platform...
  12. S

    did any one tried FRXCanal ?

    did any one here used before? specially from AU and NZ
  13. H

    Is 5-digits-deposit secure on Eurotrader Broker?

    Hello EarnForex Community, I hardly open a thread on EarnForex Forum even though I have been an active member of this community for a long period. It’s difficult to verbalize how much benefited I am from the thread and experience of Forex traders from this EarnForex forum. Today, I am here to...
  14. Mna88119

    Pncexglobal a total scam

    Hello, the complaint that I want to make about the broker pncexglobal, is that I was introduced to this by a supposed Chinese investor who said that she knew an effective way to make money in a broker, she told me to enter the money, first 300 euros to deposit the 08/04/2021, at that time the...
  15. Ihab

    Instaforex administration fail again.

    I`m a verified forex trader with Instaforex since 2008 , I Always used my real name , my real documents , to be verified in all the forms I fill with this broker , no matter if it`s to create a new real account or to participate in any demo contest they sponsor . At last July i won 2 prizes...
  16. G

    Minimum trade investment?

    I'm new to meta trader. Someone I date online introduced me to it. I tried to set up an account but all I found on the drop-down is test accounts. So they told me they can set up an account for me... That was suspicious. Why can't I set up an account myself? They created an account for me under...
  17. C

    Rosaline Ballesio is a fraud, Never do business with her

    Rosaline Lai Ballesio, is of Asian origin and resident in England along with her husband and swindler of French origin, both fled France due to accusations of fraud. Rosaline Ballesio is a world-class swindler who has teamed up with her own husband to use websites like btcmt4 to earn easy and...
  18. R

    My brokers a fraud or it's no big deal

    I'm with td Ameratrade using the thinkorswim platform to trade forex. I've been into forex trading for 11 years now and have been with 5 or so US brokers. Not until recently have I payed much attention to the differences between a live account and a demo in regards to the thinkorswim platform...
  19. E

    SCAM WARNING!!! AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) Scammed many investors!

    Hello forum experts, I am a victim of a forex scam and wanted to report them here! I found facebook ads of AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) with the title "How to trade like a Pro". According to them, they are a regulated and licensed forex brokerage firm. After being contacted by the sales...
  20. A

    CIBfx the Best Broker!!!

    As a profesional trader,I highly recommend this regulated company which does not restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. From here without any restrictions I can scalp at any major currency pair including lowest trading spreads.