Instaforex administration fail again.


Aug 24, 2021
I`m a verified forex trader with Instaforex since 2008 , I Always used my real name , my real documents , to be verified in all the forms I fill with this broker , no matter if it`s to create a new real account or to participate in any demo contest they sponsor .

At last July i won 2 prizes ,Sniper, 28 June - 3 July 2021, 1st place account number 68249821
Lucky Trader, 21 June - 3 July 2021, 2nd place account number 68246831

I sent my real verified account to the tournament department to add the prizes to it, but he replied to me that I broke rule number 5 in the contest rules which is that I did not fill in my full name just like it in the verification documents.

WHAT ? ? ?
Are you kidding me?
I already used the same name during the last 5 years and already won at least 7 demo contest prizes during this period and got the prizes for these winning to real verified accounts that have the same name either.
So what the heck?
does the tournament department figure at last that i`m not using my real or my full name , but the verification department did not figure this?
Also, what about the financial department that was paying me my profits?

Does the tournament admin know better than these two departments?
Is this real what's happening here?

I`m ready to provide my data to any admin who would like to help me.

Please help me with this issue.