Pncexglobal a total scam


Oct 12, 2021
Hello, the complaint that I want to make about the broker pncexglobal, is that I was introduced to this by a supposed Chinese investor who said that she knew an effective way to make money in a broker, she told me to enter the money, first 300 euros to deposit the 08/04/2021, at that time the broker generated a profit of 56 dollars, so it kept saying that there was no market for that small amount that I had to get more, it made me lose that amount and told me that I had to get At least 1200 dollars to make a profit, I sent the 1200 dollars on 08/21/2021, then I made only 36 dollars and lost 236 in this new investment, I told them in customer service that I did not want to continue investing and that I wanted take out the remaining 1000 dollars and it has not been possible according to them that in order to get that money I need to make at least 3333 dollars on the page due to an alleged money laundering policy, in which I only saw on their page that indicates that only e In case of raising suspicions, they would ask me for information to corroborate this but it is not like that, and they tell me that if it is not like that I must deposit another 8400 dollars to be able to get the money and I see that this is all a scam, for this I request the 500 that I they took away with their fictitious investments and the 1000 that they refuse to deliver