automated trading

  1. tobeone

    FREE Tutorial on Medium (GitConnected Publication) + Source Codes: QuantAI

    Hi, I’m the author of these tutorials and will provide updates as soon as new articles are added. The software is already working and generating Expert Advisor logic and statistics but as I add new features, I'm adding new articles describing the process. If you have any questions, please feel...
  2. D

    There's a new way to automate your trading strategy code-free! Join the revolution

    Hi, Capitalise is a new revolutionary trading platform that let’s you automate your tradings using natural language. Capitalise then monitors the market and execute your orders automatically! Yes - this life changing platform sets you free from the anxious waiting for the right moment to...
  3. Afsal

    Universal Indicator EA - Expert Advisor for any indicator

    "Universal Indicator EA" without any restrictions (No Time or Account Type Limit) This EA is made with the concept of using a single expert advisor for all indicators So It can work with any Indicator that gives Buy and Sell Signals. This can work in demo or live account for unlimited period...
  4. momo3HC

    Which is the best EA bot that you ever used?

    Hi fellas. I want to know which is the best EA bot that you ever used? Thank you in advance.
  5. FXTrader29

    C++ For Traders Course

    C++ is the programming of choice for the hedge funds, big banks and other financial institutions when it comes to building systems. C++ a powerful object oriented programming language that has many applications. C++ is a bit difficult to learn. However in this course C++ For Traders, I have made...
  6. FXTrader29

    Python For Traders Course

    Python is a modern general purpose object oriented programming language. Over the past few years, Python has become the best language for data science, statistical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. There are a number of brokers like Oanda and Interactive Brokers that...
  7. FXTrader29

    Algorithmic Trading With Python Course

    Python is a powerful object oriented general purpose language. Python is increasingly being used for machine learning, data science, statistical analysis and artificial intelligence. A number of forex brokers now provide APIs that use python for algorithmic trading. I have developed this course...
  8. FXTrader29

    Java For Algorithmic Trading Course

    Java is a very powerful system programming language that is being used by professionals. You can develop Android Apps using Java. You can develop video games using Java. You can do robotics using it. You can do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Java. When it comes to speed and...
  9. FXTrader29

    Algorithmic Trading System Design Course

    Algorithmic trading is becoming very popular. Today more than 70% of the trades on Wall Street are being placed by algorithmic trading systems. In future this percentage is going to rise. If you are a retail trader, you will have to compete more and more with these algorithmic trading systems in...
  10. FXTrader29

    Machine Learning Using R For Traders Course

    Machine learning is increasingly being used now a days in designing and developing algorithmic trading strategies. Even retail traders are using the powerful machine learning open source software R in their daily market analysis. If you are interested in learning machine learning using R, you...
  11. FXTrader29

    Rev Trader PRO Is The Ultimate Automated Forex Trading System

    Rev Trader PRO has been developed by Doug Price who is a former money manager. He has more than 10 years of experience developing automated systems for the big clients. Rev Trader PRO basically trades on H1 timeframe. However before it opens a trade it confirms the direction with the D1...
  12. Learnforextradingin30days

    100% hands free trading- MT4 Trade Copier

    [/IMG] We provide Forex traders with a Professional Automated Forex Trading System that is 87.4% accurate this year! (based on actual performance). Our Automated Forex Trading System is a easy to use program that automatically places trades into your metatrader account- just like a Robot...
  13. W

    Forex-Metal Partners with FX Replitrader

    Forex-Metal Partners with FX Replitrader Forex-Metal, a leading online Forex and CFD broker, has announced a partnership with FX Replitrader – a unique automatic trading system which lets traders receive daily trading signals for free. FX Replitrader incorporates signals, sent from...
  14. W

    Forex-Metal Partners With Zulutrade

    Forex-Metal Partners With Zulutrade Forex-Metal, a leading online Forex and CFD broker, has announced a partnership with Zulutrade, the largest forex automated trading signals platform that provides access to thousands of signals providers from around the world and converts their signals into...
  15. M

    Advice on automated platform

    Can you please tell which , if any automated platform trading systems have you used? I heard about zulutrade beeing a good one. Any opinions?
  16. R

    Build your own FX robot.

    Beta Testers needed for GWT Robot Trader. Create your own technical trading robots in just minutes incl. back test and optimization. Share robots between users. Looking for beta testers prior to launching live trading in a few weeks. More info: To participate register...
  17. J

    Equity Friendly Forex Managed Accounts

    I wanted to briefly discuss what I like to call “Equity Friendly” forex managed accounts. If such a description actually exists, I had to assume it had it's polar opposite, “Non-Equity Friendly” accounts. My definition of an “Equity Friendly” managed account is an program offering an...
  18. K

    Zulutrade Auto Trading Service

    Zulutrade is a unique free auto trading service where Best Forex traders worldwide, give you advice for FREE to buy or sell. ZuluTrade converts this advice to a live trade in your broker account automatically, again for FREE! Watch this video review...
  19. E

    Tool to create forex EAs without any programming

    Hi all, we are creating web application for traders with which You will be able to create Expert Advisors with risk and money management without programming. We do not believe in people selling systems - why to sell a profitable system when if it by itself makes You money? Traders...