Java For Algorithmic Trading Course


Master Trader
Dec 22, 2012
Java is a very powerful system programming language that is being used by professionals. You can develop Android Apps using Java. You can develop video games using Java. You can do robotics using it. You can do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Java. When it comes to speed and performance, Java is the second best after C++. I have developed this course Java For Algorithmic Trading, in which I show you how you can develop your algorithmic trading systems using Java. There are many brokers that provide Java APIs for developers to develop Algorithmic Trading Systems. I show you how to develop your algorithmic Trading Strategies on Interactive Brokers, Oanda as well as Dukascopy brokers. Learning Java and then using it for algorithmic trading will later on help you to branch out in other areas like Android App development, video game development as well.