Algorithmic Trading System Design Course


Master Trader
Dec 22, 2012
Algorithmic trading is becoming very popular. Today more than 70% of the trades on Wall Street are being placed by algorithmic trading systems. In future this percentage is going to rise. If you are a retail trader, you will have to compete more and more with these algorithmic trading systems in future. In the past algorithmic trading was the domain of big banks, hedge funds and other big financial institutions with deep pockets. Developments in recent years in the areas of open source, open data and cloud computing has leveled the playing field for small players like us the retail traders. In this Algorithmic Trading System Design course, we teach retail traders how they can also master algorithmic trading. We show you how you are going to develop your own algorithmic trading systems.


Dec 23, 2022
For getting started with algorithmic trading and gaining essential skills required for different Quant trading desk roles, you can try all the algorithmic trading courses in the learning track "Algorithmic Trading for beginners". You can learn the fundamentals of stock markets and how to retrieve financial market data with these courses. Also, you can create and backtest trading strategies such as day trading, event-driven, SARIMA, ARCH, GARCH, volatility and statistical arbitrage trading strategies.