Master Trader
Dec 22, 2012
Python is a modern general purpose object oriented programming language. Over the past few years, Python has become the best language for data science, statistical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. There are a number of brokers like Oanda and Interactive Brokers that provide API for algorithmic trading with Python. But before you start developing algorithmic trading strategies using Python, you must master it. I have developed this Python For Traders course that has been specifically developed for traders with no previous programming experience. I take you by hand step by step and teach you Python so that you can use it to build your own algorithmic trading strategies.


Dec 23, 2022
Python, a programming language which was conceived in the late 1980s by Guido Van Rossum, has witnessed humongous growth, especially in recent years due to its ease of use, extensive libraries, and elegant syntax.

How did a programming language land up with a name like ‘Python’?

Well, Guido, the creator of Python, needed a short, unique, and slightly mysterious name and thus decided on “Python” while watching a comedy series called “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

You can enrol in the free course Python for Trading: Basic. This is a beginner's course to learn Python and also teaches how to analyse financial data sets for trading. It includes core topics in data structures, expressions, and functions and explains various libraries used in financial markets. Also, this is a detailed and comprehensive course to build a strong foundation in Python.