1. F

    Alpha Zone Ltd – The only Financial Trading Floor in Manchester (Hiring)

    Alpha Zone Ltd – The only Financial Trading Floor in Manchester (Hiring) Come join us now if you are interested in trading with like-minded traders! Tired of working alone? If you are interested to work on the best trading floor in Manchester, then we are offering you the opportunity to...
  2. Atirox - international brokerage company

    Atirox has been operating since 2015 year. And from 2018 year our company has entered the international arena of financial and crypto-currency markets, and currently provides its services all over the world. Our company positions itself as a young, innovative, technically and advanced broker on...
  3. Natasha Matthews

    How Long Have You Been Trading Forex??

    I am interested to see how long everyone has been Forex Trading.
  4. S

    MQL5 Signals

    Good evening! Does anyone have any experience of using trading signals that are provided through MQL5 platform? What's the main takeaways or tricks of finding the best signal providers? Sandos
  5. S

    Forex discussion in Whatsup or Telegram

    Hello! I wanted to know whether there are any open Whatsup or Telegram discussion groups, in which users could freely interact and share their experiences? Sandos
  6. S

    Choosing Signal Provider

    Hello! Recently, I have made my take on things that investors should consider when choosing a signal service provider. This is not an advertisement, so don't read the other parts of that homepage: Would love to exchange opinions about this...
  7. beneforex

    BENEFOREX - 30% Credit Reward On All Existing or New Account Registration

    Beneforex is a long and prestigious reputation company, as an Australian-regulated (ASIC) international trading platform. In order to create a world wide global service, Beneforex had established offices in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Malaysia and etc. Beneforex provides one-stop...

    100% Per Year Mentoring Service

    Enjoy Swing Trading Success with my 175-Page Manual and VIP Mentoring Services to Accurately Predict Pip Movements Every Month! ___________________________ __________________________ _________________________ Twitter: @WorldWide876 Facebook: DRFXTRADING Website ...
  9. miftahul bururi

    [UMOFX] Introducer Broker | Forex Manage

    We are Introducer Brokers from UMOFX, here we serve member starting from opening account until withdrawal process. UMOFX Excellence: Order Processing STP/ECN with Minimum Deposit for as low as $1 USD No Dealing Desk Forex Broker Registered and regulated Forex Brokers Low Margin Requirement up...
  10. Day Trade Ideas

    Free Trading Guides

    We put together some free trading guides for anyone that wants them.
  11. Cashcube - Daily Forex Cashback Rebate - Min $1 Skrill Payout

    Earn Forex Cashback Rebate from IntraQuotes, a place for professional day traders. Top Benefits: Forex cashback rebate share up to 87.5%, best for VIP traders. Minimum $1 bi-monthly cashout via Skrill. For VIP traders we handle payment up to $10,000 per transaction. Highest InstaForex Rebate...
  12. E

    SCAM WARNING!!! AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) Scammed many investors!

    Hello forum experts, I am a victim of a forex scam and wanted to report them here! I found facebook ads of AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) with the title "How to trade like a Pro". According to them, they are a regulated and licensed forex brokerage firm. After being contacted by the sales...
  13. PolinaPolly

    Two possibilities to earn on Forex

    Forex is definitely connected with trading, but there is another way to earn there. I mean partnership: you attract new traders to the broker and get profit for it. If you are a good trader, partnership is a good chance to share your knowledge with people and earn money if they trade actively.
  14. Properly

    It is time to trade PROPERLY!

    Hello EarnForex Traders, Let us introduce ourselves. We are PROPERLY – we have over 10 years of trading experience on global markets, not only FX but also futures contracts and calendar spreads. We are a prophouse which is using only Algorithmic Strategies. We let traders to use their own...
  15. Day Trade Ideas

    US Dollar Index Analysis

    Our head analyst and founder at Day Trade Ideas, Jason Sen was recently featured in the latest edition of Fx Traders Magazine. He wrote an excellent piece on the United States Dollar and how it is going to impact USD crosses...
  16. Day Trade Ideas

    USDCAD Technical Analysis for April 4th 2018

    Recap USDCAD tests support at 1.2800/1.2790 but with no bounce, risks increase to the downside. Forecast USDCAD tests important support at 1.2800/1.2790 but the failure to bounce from here yesterday increases the risks to the downside today. Therefore holding longs is more risky now. A break...
  17. tradewithlogic

    Learn how to trade Forex, Bitcoin & Gold.

    Yes, another person trying to sell you a course. When I was younger I got into trading just like you, I wanted to make a lot of money. I honestly believed you could press a button or two and become a millionaire, just so you know you can't. The answer is time and patience. That's how you become...
  18. Prism AMS

    Prism Asset Management Services (FREE)

    Welcome to Prism AMS! Subscribe to our Asset Management Services to multiply your FOREX holdings. - We do not hold your money. - Start for FREE. - Keep 70% of profit. - Monthly gain: up to 25% - Starting capital: at least $20,000 (margin 1:50) The service package includes - Customer Support...
  19. D

    S/R Based Technical Analysis

    This thread will track important S/R levels and possible price reactions at they levels. It's focus will mainly be JPY pairs and USD pairs. Although other things will be followed when displaying good price moves that will work well with S/R technical analysis.
  20. sharonov

    MT4 Strong-Weak Indicator with relevant trading info and Sensor service

    Hi everybody, I suggest you check this add-on for the MT4, called Zooxer. This add-on (built as an Indicator for the MT4) shows relevant and important information on the MT4 Chart window: 1. A currencies strong-weak indicator presented by detailed and summary graphs. 2. The current pair...