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    Tifia Daily Market Analytics

    NZD/USD: the interest rate has not changed 23/03/2017 Overview and Dynamics As already known, on Wednesday evening, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand saved the key rate unchanged at 1.75%. As RBNZ Governor Graham Wheeler said later, "monetary policy will remain soft for a long time." In New...
  2. M

    World's first personal trading assistant app

    Hey folks, I hope this is being posted in the right section. I represent the trading team over at – we operate the world’s first personal trading assistant app. We pump out a lot of free learning material some of which can even be replicated and profited from. Check out...
  3. FXTrader29

    Algorithmic Trading With Python Course

    Python is a powerful object oriented general purpose language. Python is increasingly being used for machine learning, data science, statistical analysis and artificial intelligence. A number of forex brokers now provide APIs that use python for algorithmic trading. I have developed this course...
  4. DrinkForex

    Free Forex Analysis

    We have recently launched a free daily analysis section at DrinkForex. DrinkForex has partnered with leading trading analysts to provide you with quality analysis. Combined, our contributors have over 100 years of trading experience. Each analyst brings a unique approach to discussing the...
  5. FXTrader29

    Java For Algorithmic Trading Course

    Java is a very powerful system programming language that is being used by professionals. You can develop Android Apps using Java. You can develop video games using Java. You can do robotics using it. You can do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Java. When it comes to speed and...
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    Tifia Daily Market Analytics

    Hello! There is analytics and trading recommendations from the company Tifia in this thread. And we'll be glad to share our opinion about the Forex market. You are our best motivation for further development. Everything we do, we do it in your interests! Thanks and welcome!
  7. Elliottwave-Forecast

    Elliott Wave Analysis by EWF

    AUDCAD Elliottwave Intraday View Short term #Elliottwave structure of AUDCAD from 3/1 peak (1.025) looks to be showing an impulse structure with a nice 5 waves subdivision where Minuette wave (i) ended at 1.0198, Minuette wave (ii) ended at 1.0235, Minuette wave (iii) ended at 1.0115, Minuette...
  8. Elliottwave-Forecast

    Chart of The Day

    SPX Elliott Wave View: Still within wave 3 Revised short term Elliott wave view in SPX suggests that the rally from 1/23 low is unfolding as a 5 waves Elliott wave impulse structure where Minor wave 1 ended at 2301 and Minor wave 2 ended at 2267.2. The Index has erased momentum divergence at...
  9. Wetalktrade

    Trial The Best Forex Indicator For MT4!

    Hi, we're proud to offer you this wonderful opportunity to try one among the best Forex indicator on the market - Pipbreaker for MT4. Enhance your trading experience with this cool Forex Tool! 93% success rate on all your trades. Supports all forex pairs. Works best on all time frames above...
  10. FXTrader29

    Ultimate Profit Solution Hidden Money Levels Trading System FREE Download

    Yesterday Toshko Raychev gave his Profit Spring Trading System FREE. Today he is giving his Hidden Money Levels Trading System FREE. You can download Hidden Money Levels Trading System 2 custom indicators, template and 11 page PDF FREE. Hidden Money Levels Trading System is trend following...
  11. Libertex-Affiliates

    Forex Affiliate Program - up to 60% revenue share, or up to $550 CPA - Libertex-Affiliates

    Dear webmasters, Let us introduce our affiliate programme: Libertex-Affiliates Who are we? Established in 1997, Libertex (the company) is the brand name of a group of companies providing clients from over 120 countries with platforms and services for forex trading, CFDs, and other online...
  12. FXTrader29

    Toshko Raychev's Ultimate Profit Solution FREE Profit Spring Trading System

    Toshko Raychev is considered to be the best forex trader in the world. Toshko Raychev won the biggest online forex trading championship Surefire Trading Challenge twice. He is giving his Profit Spring Trading System FREE. You can download the Profit Spring Trading System indicators, templates...
  13. L

    FX Managed Account - Thesimplemethods

    Want to get access to high performing strategy? If you have been trading and would like to diversify, or have no time to trade, or having frustration chasing the market. Just hop on and join our MAM and watch us trade for you. Our strategy is very defensive during draw-down, and we will try...
  14. Hough Stafford

    Is it an advantage to get a forex broker for newbies?

    I am very curious about how traders are starting and how did they succeed. I always wonder if it's you get a forex broker as a newbie? or you have traded on your own?
  15. Hough Stafford

    Effective Way to Earn from Forex Trading?

    Hi, I am new in this forum but I am not new to forex. I just want to discuss effective strategies you have in order to have an effective and as much as possible way to have a fast profit.What is your fastest time to gain profit?
  16. M

    Leads for sale

    Hello. I have about 170k forex leads to sell. The leads are 2-3, to 4 months old, some have been called, most (70%) not. They are all english speaking, mostly australians (60%), EU (UK,sweden,france,belgium etc), Asian (Singapore,Malaysia) and Arab (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait etc). The list...
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    PTMC trading platform

    Hello, traders! Have you ever heard of PTMC trading platform ( )? PTMC is a high-performance electronic trading platform based on PFSOFT Protrader technology that allows to analyze and trade FX, CFDs, futures, stocks and options. Among brokers, you can connect with...
  18. P

    Inertia Trader

    Inertia Trader is a commercial EA available at which I have been running since its launch in November. My results with FXChoice have been identical to theirs, albeit my starting balance was much smaller: The...
  19. harry1700

    The advantages of Forex Octopus

    From this point on, the extent of your success depends only on you. You are a trader and as such, you decide for yourself just how much of both, your time and attention, you’d be willing to give in exchange for the “music to your ears” – namely, the sweet sound of the unending money flow…...
  20. the_whisper

    Indicator for fractal analysis

    Hurst Index "Hurst index" is the analyzer of the the selected currency pair market fractal structure by using the R/S-analysis. It's available in Meta Trader 4 Market: The analyzer determines, by calculating Hurst index, whether the market tends...