1. Equinox

    Equinox X EA

    A few days ago I launched my new EA for MT5 based on a breakout strategy. This EA does NOT use any type of martingale or grid strategy, it has a basic SL as you can see in the photos. If you are going to try it, it is very important to use the .set...
  2. Denyg

    Super Firday Offer! Premium Forex Domain Names for Sale!

    " Forex " is a high value keyword that has an average domain name sale price of $3,532.00. " FX " is a high value keyword that has an average domain name sale price of $2,352.00. (500$) (500$) (500$) (500$) (500$)...
  3. Venom1989

    MinMax Scalper Review-Superior Making Money Indicator

    "MinMax Scalper"- What is it? When lines with a suggested Stop Loss appear, you should BUY or SELL. You will then receive 2 adaptable Take Profit levels: Min Take Profit and Max Take Profit. Min Take Profit is the ideal time to close a trade for less risky traders. Max Take Profit is an...
  4. Venom1989

    Forex Invictus Review-Most Profitable Software of 2022

    What Is Forex Invictus? A trading tool called Forex Invictus conceals its superior "brain" behind an easy-to-use interface. It gives its users the chance to make money quickly and effectively without having to spend a lot of time figuring out where the next entry point should be. The Forex...
  5. C

    What are the differences between a Forex live account and a demo account?

    As a novice trader just entering the Forex market, it is always best to start with a demo account, through which you can hone your basic trading skills, develop a trading plan, manage your risk appropriately, and more or more without investing real money. Learn less about trading psychology...
  6. C

    What does The Doji Pattern in Forex Trading mean?

    The Doji pattern looks like a plus sign - the body is basically a thin line with long upper and lower shadows. The Doji is the first candlestick pattern that most traders learn, and probably one of the most important. It is formed mainly because the opening and closing prices of the session are...
  7. T

    Automate TradingView Script to Any Platform

    Are you tired of staring at your charts all day long to know when to enter or exit a trade? Well, look no further as TTA really got you! With TTA you can easily automate your TradingView script to any platform of your choice and get the notification when the alerts trigger. To learn more...
  8. Bulls Arena

    Most Profitable Chart Patterns

    Do you know that the majority of chart patterns have a win rate of less than 40%? – A major source of concern that many traders overlook, especially if you are new to trading. If you are looking for long-term profitable chart patterns that are simple and easy to trade, you have come to the...
  9. davick9

    XAUUSD ~ the bearish trend is still strong.

    XAU/USD: the bearish trend is still strong. The price has made a retest break of the key daily/H4 support area and could make a new biassal impulse towards the support created by the previous low. Follow for more analysis & signals or reach on Whatsapp
  10. Venom1989

    Ultimate Forex Strategy Review-Superior Forex Strategy From Experts

    You don't need prior knowledge or market phobia to become a skilled trader using the ULTIMATE FOREX-STRATEGY. 1. What is ULTIMATE FOREX-STRATEGY trading, and how does it work? The global market where currencies from all around the world are transacted is called ULTIMATE FOREX-STRATEGY, which...
  11. Venom1989

    CrinvestFx Strategy Review-Greatest Forex Broker

    Describe Crinvestfx. Trading currencies is a challenging and thrilling endeavor that has the potential to be very profitable. But before becoming involved, the first step is to do your homework and comprehend the hazards. The resources and tools you require to begin currency trading are...
  12. Venom1989

    Forex Equilibrium Review-Most Efficient Trading Indicator

    What is "Forex Equilibrium" ? The "Forex Equilibrium" indicator is not merely a tool for trading currencies. It's a tool that enables you to trade calmly, make more confident judgments, and live a contented, stress-free life with stable finances. Stop making your life a boring series of...
  13. C

    What does the volatility of a Forex currency pair depend on?

    The more liquid a forex currency pair is, the less volatile it is. The higher the supply and demand for a currency pair, the harder it is to push the overall price of that currency pair, keeping volatility low. Conversely, if both supply and demand are low, the price movement of the forex...
  14. C

    Python Trading Bots Development

    If you've got a trading strategy and would like to automate it, I can help you with that. I can create everything from a simple robot to a Machine Learning algorithm that will be able to retrain itself without any intervention on your part based on a predefined schedule or a particular set of...
  15. Venom1989

    Proton Scalper Review-Unlock True Trading Potential

    Your true trading potential can be unlocked with Proton Scalper. You can receive high frequency trades with an unsurpassed winning rate and no hassle when Proton Scalper power is at your disposal. What Makes Proton Scalper Special? A highly accurate indicator that produces successful...
  16. A

    DXY Levels To Watch For

    Higher Time Frame Bias: Bullish Lower Time Frame Bias (4h - 1m): Bearish After the DXY reacted to a Higher Time Frame Weekly price level we had a Bearish Market Shift on the 4h leading us into a bearish retracement. Anticipating that we continue with this bearish retracement we currently have...
  17. Venom1989

    FX Midas Reviews-Outstanding Forex Indicator

    What is Fx Midas Indicator? Fx Midas is an exceptional exchanging instrument ‌you can use on the MT4 stage. Having precise inherent calculations, remarkable elements, it will end up being your enchanted wand and you'll have the option to accomplish every one of the positive outcomes! The more...
  18. Venom1989

    FX Midas Review-New Revolutionary Forex Indicator

    What's contained in "FX Midas? The brand-new Forex indicator "FX Midas" is based on both natural and, more significantly, scientific rules. The greatest way to make the most of it is to use every opportunity that presents itself. You can utilize "FX Midas" as a superb trading tool on the MT4...
  19. Venom1989

    Honest Forex Signals Review-Must Read Before You Try It

    Allegiance American Enterprises, LLC, which owns Honest Forex Signals, is an American-based signals provider and webinar service that sends out trades from a live trader named Robbie Newton. In the United States, the service is a recognized member of the Better Business Bureau, which resolves...
  20. fxmashhad

    Hello Everyone, a new member here!

    Hello Everyone, Its Erfan here. I just registered in this forum! I've been a trader in Forex for 6 months and hope that we have a good time here together!