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    I've been using these signals and they are working, anyone else use them?

    Hey guys! I've been using these FREE forex signals and they are working in a good way. Not all the signals are accurate, but I'm getting 4 out of 5 signals correctly so far. I'm using them on a small account just to test it. Here is the link for the signals:
  2. A

    What are the benefits of Interactive Brokers?

    What are the benefits of Interactive Brokers?
  3. EWM

    Elliott Wave Monitor

    Elliott Wave Monitor provides daily analysis and forecasts for currencies, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, stock and financial news.
  4. A

    3 Ways To Find Out The Current Trend/Market Direction For Your Trade With A Simple Online Tool

    3 Ways To Find Out The Current Trend/Market Direction For Your Trade With A Simple Online Tool The following are three ways to find out the current trend/market direction for your trade with a simple online tool. A) Online Tool For Trend Direction Prediction: This tool will do all of the hard...
  5. Snoo6696

    Should I pay someone to complete funding challenge for me?

    Hello everyone, I am an aspiring full time trader who has been practicing trading for almost 6 months. I am considering taking the ftmo or myforexfunds challenge and was thinking about paying someone to complete the challenge for me ([URL deleted]). What do you guys think, should I pay someone...
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    Fundmentals Of Forex Trading Strategies

    What are Fundamental Forex trading strategies to Master? 3 Fundamental Forex Trading Strategies to Master Trading depends on different strategies. The 3 Fundamental Forex Trading Strategies to Master are: 1) Scalping 2) Swing Trading 3) Position Trading.
  7. AtfxPhilippines

    MT4 Bid Line and Ask Line - Trading Strategies for Beginners

    Some traders place orders by simply clicking on the F9 order screen and clicking Quote if they are buying and Quote if they are selling, not really caring what the exact price is. After all, as long as there is no abnormal slippage, the market price is the fastest way to trade other than...
  8. xSignals

    Professional analytics of the forex and cryptocurrency market

    Hello traders! Introducing Xsignals, a set of trading tools that allows you to predict changes in price behavior for Forex and crypto currencies in real time. The application is useful and accessible for both professionals and novice traders. All analytical information is in one working window...
  9. Venom1989

    Forex Starlight Indicator Review-New Superior Trading Indicator By Karl Dittmann

    What is the meaning of "Forex Starlight"? Breakthrough The indicator "Forex Starlight" is ideal for trading in the Forex market. It not only increases the profitability of your trades, but it also saves you time and worries. It's suitable for timeframes M15-D1 and all main currency pairs. All...
  10. AtfxPhilippines

    How to calculate the margin and profit and loss amount for foreign exchange? ATFX

    There are a lot of calculations involved in foreign exchange transactions, and understanding how the calculations work can help traders have a comprehensive understanding of how to control risks. Many beginners pay too much attention to technical analysis and ignore the calculation of margin and...
  11. rashi

    The strategies that are obstacles in your forex journey

    In forex trading, a good strategy is the only friend of yours that can direct you towards achieving success. But it can act as your enemy if you have not groomed it wisely. If your strategy has not been developed using expert analysis and in-depth research, then you are certainly going to lose...
  12. rashi

    The secret to success in the forex industry

    There are several strategies to win the forex trading game. However, some habits of the daily routine for forex trading can enhance the performance as well as profit for the traders. Patience: Patience is certainly the key to the success in forex trading. The traders cannot get instant...
  13. rashi

    The benefits of relying on forex signals

    Trading of any type has a factor of risk included in it. Every trader wants to safeguard his money along with the hope of earning more profit. Especially the beginners or the newcomers to the industry are not aware of the techniques involved in trading that may be beneficial for them. In the...
  14. Venom1989

    Apollo Scalper Review-Forex Trading God

    Today is the day when I will finally be able to show you trading masterpiece. This is the moment you've been looking forward to for the rest of your life! Have you been wondering when your fortunes will change for the better? Wait no longer; these simple BUY/SELL signals will completely...
  15. rashi

    Importance of planning your Forex trading

    Planning is a necessary step to make forex trading successful. Most of the traders want to skip this step which results in a big regret afterward. Forex trading is certainly a sector where the users can earn massive profits. However, the trading can only be effective when you have already...
  16. rashi

    Understanding the Forex signals perfectly

    Forex signal is a commonly used term in forex trading. The signals enable a trader to gain better profit from forex trading. You can enhance your trading strategies and output by making the best use of these forex signals. When a person enters the forex trading market, forex signals are one...
  17. K

    Why do people keep changing their methods?

    I see that there are a lot of people who have been in the market for many years, who have very good and very wide knowledge, they know many trading methods and many of them are really good. But it's strange that they still keep changing the method they're using, it's obsolete, no, it's because...
  18. forum forex

    Currency Pairs Analysis Today.

    US stocks are set for a mixed open on Monday, as futures pared earlier gains and investors questioned whether global growth can survive a slowdown in Chinese growth, an energy crunch and therefore the Fed tapering support. On the opposite hand, The GBPUSD earlier within the US session extended...
  19. forum forex

    Gold Analysis from Forum Forex

    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) got listed on Sunday its drilling unit in a $1.1 billion initial public offering (IPO), the largest ever on the Abu Dhabi stock market. ADNOC Drilling, whose share offering received over $34 billion in demand, is expected to be among the 10 largest...
  20. forum forex

    EUR/USD news today.

    EUR/USD’s downside picks up further pace and breaks below the 1.1600 support to clinch fresh 2021 lows around 1.1570. A technical rebound could be in the pipeline in the very near term considering the current oversold condition of the spot on a daily basis. The broader outlook, however, points...