1. Munfinance Forex

    Why do people choose munfinance brokers to trade forex?

    About Munfinance Munfinance, is a foreign exchange broker that provides financial and digital currency markets. Besides forex and cryptocurrency, investors can also trade metals, natural gas, and more. Community trading system Create an integrated saas trading front desk for retail users that...
  2. Munfinance Forex

    Munfinance foreign exchange-the investment management experts you can trust

    Munfinance utilizes MT4 (Meta Trader 4) for their investors. Munfinance’s MT4 platform is the most advanced trading software used by traders, financial institutions, and banks. It provides a live global market and equipped with 31 chart drawing tools, 9 trading time options, 33 technical...
  3. fidelcrest

    What is your most Profitable Trading Strategy?

    As a Trader, what is your most Profitable Trading Strategy and what Instrument has been your most profitable?
  4. ForexIdentity

    Forex challenge starting with 4 EUR

    Hello traders and traders to be, In my trading journey I have motivated and helped traders to be part of the succes story of forex. One thing I noticed is the fear of not having enough money to start a forex business. With my youtube channel I will proof to all of you a few euro’s, usd's or...
  5. Persant

    Question regarding to Expert Advisors (Robot/EA)

    Hello guys i have a couple of questions, I mean it seems that is an awesome EA but im not sure if the backtesting using the StrategyTester on MT4 is accurate or if you can trust 100% on it to use a live account, because it seems that is having a good performance but im not 100% sure What do you...
  6. Z

    Forex Fund System software

    Hey everyone, I am posting this thread to see if anyone knows any good Forex Software management system for a forex fund. Example: The investor goes to my website and logins into the investor login portal. which they will see there daily & monthly P&L. at the same time they will see the...
  7. Z

    How FX Meta Tech is the Ideal Trading Platform Provider For You

    FX Meta Tech aims to properly pave your path to success by providing you the best and robust services, ensuring an amazing trading venture. Personalization. Our engaging and elucidated user interface is very easy to use and hence will draw in more clients. We ensure developing UIs that have...
  8. Venom1989

    Forex Monarch-Top Trading Forex Product

    Forex Monarch- Best Trading Indicator Welcome to my top to bottom Forex Monarch review. Each individual has loads of high points and low points in their lives. These circumstances assume a significant part in changing the way of life. These high points and low points rely altogether upon the...
  9. TraderSmith

    Forex Market News and Analysis

    Forex Market News - Dollar Up Over COVID-19 Worries and Potential U.S. Tax Hikes The dollar was abreast of Wednesday morning in Asia near a four-month high, as COVID-19 concerns, potential U.S. tax hikes, and tensions over tit-for-tat sanctions between China and therefore the West turned...
  10. Venom1989

    Exynox Scalper Review -Greatest Trading Robot True Or Not?

    I’m very glad to share some details about the model-new “Exynox Scalper” indicator with you which is Top and probably best Trading Software In market with it’s unique features and abilities to earn as much as you can. “Exynos Scalper” is an impressive indicator, that in contrast to EA/Robots...
  11. UsaForexSignal

    Forex Market Analysis By Usa Forex Signal

    Forex Market News - Dollar Up, Even After Fed Sticks to Dovish Tone in its Policy Decision The dollar was up on Thursday morning in Asia, with the U.S. Federal Reserve System saying it had been in no rush to boost interest rates through all of 2023 even after predicting a V-shaped recovery...
  12. Z

    Set Up Your Own Forex Brokerage Easily with FX Meta Tech

    Thinking of starting your own Forex brokerage but don't know where to start? Considering setting up a brokerage by putting good use of all the Forex knowledge you gained through your trading journey? FX Meta Tech is a technology service provider specially dedicated to the Forex Brokers. We...
  13. Y

    Euro Currency Traded Lower As Us Government Bond Yields Resumed Their Advances

    Fundamental: In the yesterday’s trading session, the Euro currency traded lower as US government bond yields resumed their advances pushing the US Dollar Index higher. Not only this, the Markit published the February final Services PMIs for the Euro Area, which showed that output in the sector...
  14. F

    Forex Signals Factory

    The Most Consistent & Transparent Signal Service in the Market. Easy to Copy & Follow. Signal Sent on Phone 24/5. Benefits: Minimum Drawdown, Follow Trades On The Go, Small SL & Large TP. Admin Id Telegram : @FSF_Support Please work on the demo account first...
  15. Tersem

    Hello everyone

    I am new here
  16. forexmoneybags

    Crypto Trading Platform

    I found this new crypto-based trading platform that uses many different cryptocurrencies like USD Teather, Bitcoin, Ethereum to trade forex. This platform is my personal favourite. It has a nice user interface and is easy to use. I would recommend this platform to anyone as there is no KYC...
  17. mohamedyazied

    My indicator

    My name is Muhammad and I have been working in the Forex field for more than eight years at XM site and from few days ago i participated in a product marketing company and I saw this indicator with them. Is it good before I work on it? I fear that its performance will be bad and I will not get...
  18. carol1992

    5 Things Successful Forex Traders Won't Say

    Most people know that forex trading is a profitable investment, but in fact, it also has its dark side. So, if you also want to learn more about forex trading and the secrets behind it, here are 5 things that you won’t hear from a successful forex trader. No. 1 “My strategy is profitable in all...
  19. Marketlord

    Macro Analysis Forex Spreadsheets using Anton Kreil's PFTM method 3.0

    Hi Guys ! :) I have created and enhanced all the G10 currencies Endogenous,Exogenous analysis and Cot reports Spreadsheets using the Anton Kreil Professional Forex Trading Masterclass (PFTM) method from ITPM . A strategy in which the core is macroeconomic analysis and statistical evaluation...
  20. KimoMody

    I've found a good Expert Advisor

    In one of the Forex sites, I've found this attached expert... and I've tried it for more than one month...the results are great. So, I like to share it with you...and get your opinion, do i go live trading with this expert...thank you.