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  2. L

    In which way the OTC market

    does influence the trading on broker platforms? Does it influence the price or not (in forex or in Stocks)?
  3. I

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    Tips and Advice | Successful Traders

    Hello Dear Traders, I have started this thread to discuss some advice and tips to becoming a successful professional trader! First and most important point: Follow Your Own Strategy! I cannot exaggerate this enough. Build your own strategy, Find a system that works for you! It is so important...
  8. fxtrait


    What is forex actually? A term heard by many yet most still find it confusing to understand, simply put, forex means foreign exhange which refers to the process of changing one currency into another currency. This might still sound confusing to you but no worries, watch the video below and get a...
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    I am MR. CHARLES (SHELL). Located in the most disadvantage area in the world but have greatly affected most life positively. I have traded forex for more than 20 years and have traded with different types of brokers locally and international. I have not seen a broker like ORBEX who have...
  14. new digital

    Virtually impossible to make money from forex

    See such low volatility, it is impossible to make money, to make a profit because the moves (volatility)are small and unpredictable. If there is a decent trend move , of 500 pips , one can enter and make some pips.You enter a trade , it does not make big enough moves to make a profit...
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  17. L

    Forex Broker Reviews or Foreign Exchange is the decentralized global currency market, which is now one of the most liquid industries in the world. Though currency trading an ancient form of business, online FX industry is comparatively young and it touched 1 trillion USD milestone only 20 years...
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    If anyone is using IC Markets you can get DIRECT DISCOUNT from the COMMISSION or the SPREAD depending on the account you will open. If you open a TRUE ECN account you will receive direct discounts of 1.50 USD form the commission IC Markets charges. The commission is 7 USD per 100k round turn...
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