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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Robert, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. george5

    george5 Trader

    Yes, this site offers amazing free courses for all new forex traders. This is the best way to learn online forex, which I know.
  2. Andrew101

    Andrew101 Active Trader

    I wouldn't say baby pips is the BEST way to learn forex. Demo trading is! Babypips is an added advantage.
  3. AntjeWagner

    AntjeWagner Guest

    for theory, babypips is a good one for sure.
    has anyone been at Online trading academy or academy of financial trading?
  4. Lukas Schmidt

    Lukas Schmidt Trader

    Look for some reviews from people that used their services. There are quite bad reviews on FPA about Online Trading Academy
  5. AntjeWagner

    AntjeWagner Guest

    alright I see. yes that is true. but there are always bad reviews in every part with high traffic. It is hard to satisfy everyone ;)
  6. LeoCass

    LeoCass Trader

    I'm very big on getting the info for free as I've been confronted to a lot of paid info providers which "spin" the facts towards whatever they are trying to sell you next.

    I've recently come across a free app called Forex Hero and it is really nice for beginners, with lots of real-life examples to understand correlations between different factors such as the price of gold and its impact on the AUD, the production of oil and its impact on the RUB, how the CHF surge in 2015 happened and could have been predicted. I would definitely recommend it - it's free so there's no big risk in checking it out :)
  7. Irma

    Irma Trader

    Broker list can be very useful!

    I cam here when looking for some reviews about [URL deleted] NSBroker.(If someone is interested - it also about trading education). But now I want to tell that found these reviews was really difficult because I didn't know where the reviews are trusted. I'm a beginner and trading education site it's the best opportunity for me and million similar novices to start rending.
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