a comprehensive forex trading education can shorten the way of understanding forex


Mar 9, 2012
Hey guys,

Success in trading takes a lot of work, energy, and dedication and a solid educational foundation on which to build. We believe that with the right tools you can be successful. IBUniversity.com provides proprietary education methods that will prepare you for the real challenges you’ll face in the markets by bringing the live trading experience into the classroom. Our instructors will mentor and guide you, every step of the way, providing one of the most comprehensive trading educational programs available in the market. The professor used to be a registered CTA, and now he likes to teach students after many years' experience.

What's the course about?
There are beginner courses, advanced courses, graduate courses, masters courses, for different kinds of traders.

The Beginning Course
What sets us apart as educators is the subject order that we teach in. Before you can learn when and where to buy or sell, you need to how and why you chose a market to invest or trade. You need to see how and why market’s move, before you are ready for trade timing and management. You can bet that any profession that pays as well as trading can is a skill that will take time and study, and the most important thing for you right now is to start on the right track, and be able quickly verify you are moving in the right direction.

Advanced Course
Before you can be a successful trader, you need to be a successful market analyst. Our advanced course prepares you for that goal. By combining the studies of price (market movement) mathematics (fractal geometry), sociology (demographics), we’ve given you a holistic, deductive, frame-work for measuring price pattern, direction, and momentum in any market. You will know ahead of time if you are investing or trading with, or against, current economic cycles.

The Graduate Course
Our Graduate Course provides the jumping off point from wanting to trade to actually trading. We demonstrate what it means to have a trader’s mindset, and provide specific trade set-ups, triggers, and trade management techniques which you will use in a comprehensive, step by step trading plan for operating in any market environment on any time frame. We’ll show you how to easily recognize what type of economic environment we are in based on market behavior, and show you how constant change in the markets is a great thing for traders!

The Masters Course
The Masters course is taught in live markets where we’ll demonstrate the tactics taught in an interactive environment. It is a laboratory for both learning and demonstration. We’ll point out trade set-ups and signals in multiple markets on multiple time frames, while you trade along with us in a demo account. The curriculum is open ended and the market itself will provide that day’s lessons. Bring your questions as the curriculum is interactive!