Moving Average Crossover with Alert


Staff member
Nov 30, 2008
I use this indicator with 1 hour charts. It works actually very well, but I'd like to get only a notification, if both moving average lines (fast & down) are crossed at the end of a session…
for example, I get a notification, if the lines are crossed at 17:30 (fast MA is crossing the slow MA). Then at 17:38 the lines are crossed again (slow MA is crossing the fast MA), and again at 17:44 I get a notification… this is annoying. The MA is only interesting for me, if both lines are crossed at 17:59, 18:59 and so on (end of an hour).
I tried to solve it by setting "Fast/Slow Moving Average Applied Price" to "Close" and also "Candle To Use For Analysis" to the "PREVIOUS CANDLE" (so I think I get at 18:00 a notification, when the next hour begins), but both doesn't solve it… what's the correct setting? Is there a setting at all?
Changing the "Fast/Slow Moving Average Applied Price" won't help, but changing the "Candle To Use For Analysis" to the PREVIOUS CANDLE solves your issue. Are you using version 1.02 of the indicator? The only time it could be generating alerts at 17:38 is that you turn on the platform (or attach the indicator) at that time and the previous hour closed with the cross. Otherwise, it should be generating alert at the first tick after the close of the previous candle.