moving average

  1. shanmugapradeep

    How to add different Timeframe Moving Average and RSI indicator in one chart

    Hello, I am adding Moving average indicator with Period 5, Shift 0, Method Linear weight, apply to close price to GBPUSD Chart. I want this same value 3 moving average indicator for same currency pair for 3 time frame (1 Min, 5 Min and 15 Min). I can do this by adding the moving average by...
  2. mkhno.9

    ma cross to exit trade

    hi guys can someone helpe me to find ea ma cross close trade .. i mean if ma crose the open trade that i open must be closed
  3. hayseed


    1/4/24 ........... i am off to a terrible start...... my fault...... first few posts will be disorganized...... a script that calculates a set percentage return over a period of time....... an example of multi time frame analysis..... the 10 and 20 ma's are commonly used in...
  4. CEO

    EA Can not load moving average

    I developed an EA based on a strategy and its revolves around a moving average. did it on mt4 but got stuck tho i finished the code . I created same code it mql5 and programmed the custom moving average similarly but when the EA runs s, the Journal prints cannot Load moving average...
  5. Enivid

    Moving Average with Alert

    Discuss Moving Average with Alert indicator (a simple indicator for notifications when price closes above or below the moving average ) for MT4 and MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  6. Enivid

    Rainbow Multiple Moving Average

    Discuss the Rainbow Multiple Moving Average indicator (a stack of 66 moving averages of varying colors) in this thread. Here you can ask any questions about this indicator or make your suggestions.
  7. Enivid

    MA Multi-Timeframe

    Discuss MA Multi-Timeframe (an MTF panel indicator with alerts to work with multiple timeframes) for MT4 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  8. Enivid

    Moving Average Crossover with Alert

    Discuss Moving Average Crossover with Alert indicator (a highly customizable MA crossover indicator) for MT4 and MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  9. nakladalka

    help me implement moving average&bollinger bands (source code)

    Hi, i have this mt4 indicator to allows you building candlestick patterns. I am looking for someone to help me upgrade it with moving average and bollinger bands filter. I hired programmer to create this software but now i run out of money so i will share source code with you to make it better...
  10. samandar

    New Book about Trading Strategies, Chart Patterns, Price Action, Moving Average Diversion and Volume-Price Analysis

    Although there are countless strategies for trading various assets (such as currencies, energy, metals, indices, stocks etc.), but here I want to show you my approach to trading and based on it my best trading strategy. My trading strategy is based on combining four highly probable signals...
  11. hayseed


    almost 2 years ago a very polite discussion between the cableguy and myself developed..... the cableguy actually lived in the ukraine...... that discussion has weighed on my mind since then..... just before christmas, 2019, a tough decision was made....... open an account with...
  12. P

    Guppy with alerts

    I tried to compile the code below with MT4 but gave some errors. Could anyone please help to debug and make it to work on MT4. The purpose of the code is to give alerts when the moving averages constrict. thanks potus123 //Adapted from version created By ChrisMoody on 8/10/2014 //Daryl Guppy...
  13. C

    Forex signals on Telegram

    Hy traders, I would like to invite you to my free Telegram channel where I share my trading ideas.
  14. Ivanov_Aleksei

    Estimation moving average without lag

    The principle of the indicator. A simple moving average (SMA) with an averaging period (2n + 1) of bars is always obtained lagging by n bars. If SMA or other types of moving averages are the basis for making trading decisions, then their strong delay does not allow to open...
  15. PaulVic

    moving average alert for an indicator, not price

    Hi all I have been looking for a moving average alarm, or a moving average cross over alarm that can be applied to an indicator, not price. For example i like OBV indicator and apply a moving average to it, however would be good to have alarm when the indicators MA crosses the indicator (say...
  16. Ckart 1

    Relative Strength Index with Moving Average

    Hello, I am working on what could be a profitable trading system. I have a couple of issues however with the RSI recalculating. Perhaps there is a way to improve this system so that the signals are more reliable. Chart set up: RSI 8 Moving Average on the RSI (first indicator's data) of 21...
  17. L

    Understanding the Typical price

    Hi, I came across typical price, but I can't figure out what it really means. On this website they explain whery well: The Typical Price indicates an average of each...
  18. L

    Which settings would you suggest to me for SMA and EMA?

    Which setting would you suggest to me for SMA and EMA when day trading (Forex, commodities) I just want somenthing that could scream out false signals... With which Tecnical indicator would I use SMA and EMA ? And which settings for EMA and which for SMA? Thank you...
  19. FXSeed

    FXSeed Expert Advisor (for Strategy Tester and Demo Account)

    Hello Sir I just finished coding my Expert Advisor and will be pleased if you test it and review. The link to download the EA is I will be open to license a copy to you for free if you are interested in the EA after testing. The version in the download works in...
  20. Paul Hayes

    Professional Traders Use the MA Crossover Strategy

    If the professional traders use this moving average strategy then there must be something about it that works, we have automated the system for the cTrader trading platform. FIND OUT MORE AND DOWNLOAD Paul Hayes Sales & Marketing Email: contact (@) Phone: (44) 203 289 6573...