1. M

    Новый интересный индикатор

    Привет, я новичок на рынке Forex. Прикупил индикатор, в отличии от остальных он не перерисовывается. Показывает "дохождение цены" до верхних и нижних отметок. Что думаете?
  2. minitrader

    AO - Zero cross alert help needed

    Hi I am trying to create an AO indicator to give me an alert when it crosses zero above or below on selected time frame. Can anyone help me to create one?
  3. Enivid

    Round Levels

    Discuss Round Levels indicator (display of psychological S/R zones near round price levels) for MT4 and MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  4. butama

    Fractal CCI Indicator

    I have found a number of Fractal based indicators for MT5 A while ago I did some strategy testing looking for divergence using Fractal CCI indicator. The results were very promising, but, I was committed to another project then, and, now find I have time to revisit the idea. Being a coding...
  5. dollarwise

    Indicator Arrows Alert Help

    Hello, I commend your excellent work. do you know the code to make the arrow appear 60-100s before the event? i dont want a repainting. attached here is the indicator that is giving me issues
  6. P

    Guppy with alerts

    I tried to compile the code below with MT4 but gave some errors. Could anyone please help to debug and make it to work on MT4. The purpose of the code is to give alerts when the moving averages constrict. thanks potus123 //Adapted from version created By ChrisMoody on 8/10/2014 //Daryl Guppy...
  7. L

    POC and volume

    in this chart where is the POC? The point with maximum price exchange? at 2.68? I have questions: 1) why doesn't this POC follow a normal distribution? The point where most volumes traded is shifted upward 2) What do the red colored areas of the side...
  8. aphong

    Convert Candle Suite and Volume Suite Indicators to MT5 (PVSRA Method)

    Great Thread ... I like these two indi so much ... im new to mt5 ... Could any pro coders convert these two .mq4 into .mq5 please? :) attached are the mq4 indis regards
  9. nika9414

    forex market charts and signals to help you choose the right pair to trade

    Forex Trendy is an automated trading system that will analyse the market trends, then initiate trades for you based on projections and analysis. This system is very advanced considering it can scan over thirty-four currency pairs every sixty seconds. It also boasts a success rate of ninety...
  10. Enivid

    Basing Candlesticks

    Discuss Basing Candlesticks indicator for MT4/MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator for price action and share your ideas for its usage here.
  11. nathali

    YMS-PRO Forex Template

    Free Download yms-pro template
  12. rudyruthven

    Scalarfx no repaint indicator review (Resolved)

    Everybody be careful, if someone sent massages to you and want you to buy indi from them. And claim their products have 30days money back garrenty. They are totally a liar. Check the pictures I post, they claim their indi called ScalarFX system has over 90%win ratio, but in my opinion, trade...
  13. Dalya

    Renko Full Throttle PRO Indicator MT4

    Renko Full Throttle PRO Indicator MT4 A Powerful Solution That Analyze The Renko And The Standard Charts And Filters Out The Noise Or The Narrow Range Moves And Gives Entry And Exit Signals. A statistics panel is included to show the net points gained from these signals taking into...
  14. Afsal

    Universal Indicator EA - Expert Advisor for any indicator

    "Universal Indicator EA" without any restrictions (No Time or Account Type Limit) This EA is made with the concept of using a single expert advisor for all indicators So It can work with any Indicator that gives Buy and Sell Signals. This can work in demo or live account for unlimited period...
  15. S

    New Buy Sell Trend Indicator

    The Forex Monarch Buy Sell Trend Indicator has a built in indicator that uses an algorithm to consistently make accurate predications. Technology has made it so easy now that analysis and thinking has become a thing of the past. Ok....maybe not thinking. But you get my drift. The algorithm...
  16. Rupert Mr EA

    Fibo Quantum Scalper System

    If you enjoy the thrill of making money QUICKLY and EASILY on the 1 Minute and 5 Minute time frames. I'd love to share with you the brand new software I've been using lately to make HUGE daily profits in very little time! It's rooted in the smart engineering of my hugely successful indicator...
  17. DanielMT4

    MQL4 development - EAs / Indicators / Scripts

    Hello! Highly experienced MT4 programmer & Forex trader 10 years of Coding, a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, and full time Freelancing makes me the perfect programmer for your MT4 EAs, Indicators, and Scripts. If you want professional programmer who can deliver thoroughly tested codes...
  18. tguild

    Indicator « ClusterChart Indicator » for MetaTrader 4

    The indicator takes information on the real market operations of stock exchange players of the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) and displays it on the forex in the form of a detailed chart. The indicator conveniently displays the information received on the Meta Trader chart. By default, market...
  19. tguild

    Indicator « Delta Volume » for MetaTrader 4

    The indicator takes information on the traded volume on sale and in the purchase of real exchange players of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and displays it on forex. DeltaVolume Indicator conveniently outputs the received information on the Meta Trader chart. By default, a vertical...
  20. tguild

    Indicator « Glass » for MT4

    The indicator takes information on the real limit orders of the exchange players of the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) and displays it on forex. DOM Indicator conveniently displays the information on the Meta Trader chart. By default, limits are displayed from the main trading contract, the...