Is 5-digits-deposit secure on Eurotrader Broker?


Jan 11, 2022
Hello EarnForex Community, I hardly open a thread on EarnForex Forum even though I have been an active member of this community for a long period. It’s difficult to verbalize how much benefited I am from the thread and experience of Forex traders from this EarnForex forum.

Today, I am here to receive your opinions on one of my important trading decision.
Indeed, I am fussy in nature and there are also a bunch of reasons behind being so fussy. In my life, I was deceived over and over for easily keeping faith in people. And there has been no exception although my Forex trading career too. I lost much money in different forex brokers being entrapped in the clutches of several IBs.

However, I have been trading on EuroTrader broker with a small amount for the last 1 year. In the last one year, I welded my forex trading skill to a great extent.

That’s the reason I am trying to take my Forex trading journey a bit further. So, I am planning to invest a total of $12000+ on EuroTrader. I never faced any trouble about withdrawal with the small amount in this broker. But, I am eager to know whether I have to face any trouble regarding withdrawal with a big amount.

I would be glad to have the answer from you if any trader has experience dealing in a large amount with the broker and withdrawal.

Please, don’t mind on the matter that I mentioned $12000 as a big amount. I know that this amount is a matter of fun to many. But, to me, it’s all I have as a capital to start trading. Waiting for your reply.


Staff member
Nov 30, 2008
$12,000 is a huge amount of money and you are right to worry about depositing your hard-earned funds with a broker. EuroTrader is a solid broker. They are regulated in both the EU and South Africa. I don't think you will have any trouble withdrawing your profits or investments from them.
Aug 5, 2021
I've heard good things about this broker and think it's a good sign that you've already received withdrawals previously with no issues through them. If it gives you peace of mind, you could try asking a support agent this question and make sure that there will be no obstacles with making a larger withdrawal than normal.