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    Tips for Trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with Leverage

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, in particular, have become a haven for day traders in search of large returns within a short period of time. The number of Forex brokers offering digital assets for trading...
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    Social Trading: A Whole New Dimension in Investing

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. Social Trading: A Whole New Dimension in Investing eToro has brought a whole new dimension to the world of online trading with the latest eToro OpenBook release. Join the social game in the foreign markets...
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    Working with Larson&Holz — Handy for Pro, Perfect for Newcomer

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content has been provided by the advertiser. Trading on Forex proves to be profitable and easy, especially when you learn how to do it. But after learning the basics there rises a question – what broker to choose? Who to trust? Here we introduce...
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    Interview with TFI FX

    Today, I present to your attention an interview with Loucas Marangos, CEO of TFI Markets. He’s agreed to answer some questions regarding their Forex broker and the currency trading market as a whole. What makes traders choose you as their Forex broker? I mean the main features they look for...
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    Interview with FXOpen Forex Broker

    Recently I’ve asked management from FXOpen to answer several questions in a format of an interview to get more information on this fast developing on-line Forex broker. Denis P., FXOpen Head Manager, agreed to answer these questions and now I can present them to you. They are an on-line Forex...
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    Social Trading: Business Ideas Now Available for Free

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. With Forex, there is a market available for absolutely everybody. With a platform so vast, it allows everyone to make a deposit and start trading instantly. However, in most cases, only professionals can see...
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    Interview with FXCM

    This my first interview with a major Forex broker. Jaclyn, Public Relations Coordinator of the FXCM broker. Decided to answer some of the questions I’ve sent them via e-mail. The questions touch various topics and should be interesting not only to the current customers of the FXCM, but also to...
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    Interview with Trading Point — CySEC, Regulation, and Forex

    More than a year has passed since my last interview with a Forex broker representative. Today, your attention is distracted by the interview with a Cypriot Forex broker, Trading Point. Costantinos Cleanthous, Chief Executive Officer, has answered some questions concerning the company, the...
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    Interview with Alex Melkumyants from AMarkets

    AMarkets (known as AForex before 2015) is one of the oldest “classic” MetaTrader brokers. By combining high leverage, low starting minimum, great variety of trading instruments, and multiple electronic deposit/withdraw methods, such brokers were aplenty in late 2000’s. Few have survived to our...
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    Interview with FxCompany

    I’ve been contacted by a representative of FxCompany that asked me if I can do an on-line interview with him. So, I decided that the readers of my blog would probably be interested to hear what one of the popular MetaTrader broker can say about its business and the overall market situation. I’ve...
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    Interview with Stanislav Vaneev, CEO of Grand Capital

    Following five months without interviews of the important people in the Forex industry, I finally present you with an interview with Stanislav Vaneev — the chief executive officer of Grand Capital Forex company. It is listed on since 2011, but they did not start to expand much into...
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    Interview with InstaForex

    Due to numerous requests of the blog’s readers, I’ve asked InstaForex for an on-line interview. They’ve replied positively to my inquiry and their Director for Business Development, Vladimir Syrov, has answered some interesting questions regarding this Forex broker company. Now you can read this...
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    Interview with Azurite Markets

    I am always open to interviewing Forex brokers and other interesting Forex companies. I believe that the readers of this blog are very interested in hearing about Forex trading from the people that form the industry as we trade. Last week, a Director and Vice President of Azurite Markets, Adam...
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    Interview with eToro

    Jeff MacKenzee, the account manager of the eToro partners team agreed to answer some of my questions regarding eToro’s innovative Forex trading platform. eToro is known for bringing to the on-line Forex market trading some nontraditional types of Forex trading. eToro platform doesn’t look like...
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    Interview with Stavros Lambouris, CEO of HYCM

    I hope you missed some interesting interviews with the leading figures of the Forex business world. Today, I offer for your attention an interview with Stavros Lambouris, the Executive Director and CEO at HYCM — a company that has decades of experience in brokerage business. Unfortunately...
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    Assessing the Forex Brokers' Customer Support Service

    Currency trading is by and large carried out in the OTC (over-the-counter) market. Lack of a central regulatory authority has given rise to numerous Forex brokers with offices in exotic locations. A large section of the retail traders depend on these Forex brokers to trade currencies from the...
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    7 Best Forex Brokers to Trade Brexit

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. Overview With the Britain leaving the European Union, unprecedented waves of volatility were experienced in the UK markets. While some traders may have shown great concern with such volatility, it...
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    Which is best forex broker for USA?

    Hi, I am searching for good forex broker for USA. can anyone help me. 1. Which is the best USA forex broker for currency trading? 2. Which is USA best A Book (STP, ECN, Non market maker, Non dealing desk) forex broker? 3. USA Forex broker which provide Cents Account? Thanks
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    FBS Data Leak

    WizCase reported today a major data leak from FBS Forex broker dating back to October 1, 2020. According to WizCase, the leak consisted of an unprotected ElasticSearch server exposed to the Internet. Although the vulnerability was fixed by FBS on October 5, there is no telling who had managed to...
  20. B

    Demo trading contests with cash prices?

    Hi folks, To save up time on search I would like to hear your suggestions of broker which regularly host demo trading tournaments. Thanks.