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  1. Enivid

    FBS Data Leak

    WizCase reported today a major data leak from FBS Forex broker dating back to October 1, 2020. According to WizCase, the leak consisted of an unprotected ElasticSearch server exposed to the Internet. Although the vulnerability was fixed by FBS on October 5, there is no telling who had managed to...
  2. B

    Demo trading contests with cash prices?

    Hi folks, To save up time on search I would like to hear your suggestions of broker which regularly host demo trading tournaments. Thanks.
  3. W

    What is Rebate

    As the title, can somebody introduce for me, more detail will be better
  4. TradingCost

    Trading Cost or how to choose the best Forex broker?

    All traders know that it's a very big problem to find forex broker with good liquidity. Especially scalpers and high frequency traders. You can choose broker with lowest spreads and lowest commission (if you are lucky of course:)), but it won't enough to say, that your broker has good...
  5. miftahul bururi

    [Grand Capital] Rebate $7,5/standard lots

    Since January 2016 Grand Capital is a member of the Finance Commission (FinaCom) - an international committee to resolve disputes and claims in the Forex field. This membership guarantees that clients from Grand Capital are under the protection of an international organization and the services...
  6. Artem ICE-FX

    ICE FX Investment Broker

    ICE FX is an investment Forex broker. From the very beginning (2015), ICE FX has strictly and actively adhered to the principles of maximum transparency, openness and customer focus. Legal information The company is registered in Labuan (Malaysia) and is licensed by LFSA with registration...
  7. novarob

    Warning CIBFX!! They scammed me!

    Hello friends, I started working with CIBFX, forex broker, in principle everything was going very well and I had very good profits. I had a personal advisor who told me what and when to invest. After a couple of months I decided to withdraw some of my capital, but then my advisor starts to...
  8. AMarkets

    AMarkets - Daily Market Analysis

    Dear forum guests, In this thread, we are planning to post daily market analysis and forecast by AMarkets.
  9. E

    FTT Markets

    The team at FTT Markets offers premium Forex trading services to traders and partners in hundreds of countries around the world built on FTT’s own back and frontend technology. Fair Trading Technology was born out of the requirements for a fair, transparent and flexible platform by a group of...
  10. Dylan.vts

    VTSGold Uk

    VTSGold is an ECN, broker, $8 comission per lot round trip STP accounts at 0.7pip EUR/USD Under 1ms latency 100% deposit Bonus
  11. Sweet Diane

    Key for a Successful Trading

    I wonder nowadays on what should really be important to become successful in trading. Would knowledge be enough to succeed when you want to personally work with it? or, would it be more successful to find someone to work as a broker? Does finding an ECN forex broker be more advantage?
  12. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc Summer FreeRoll Forex Tournament

    Traders are invited to participate in ForexBrokerInc’s Summer FreeRoll Forex Tournament! $10,000 PRIZE POOL – shared amongst 15 traders! 1st Place: $2500 (credit bonus) + iPhone 6S (64GB) 2nd Place: $1500 (credit bonus) 3rd Place: $1000 (credit bonus) …and more! The Summer FreeRoll Forex...
  13. M

    Milton Markets

    Hello members and viewers of EarnForex, I would like to introduce to you Milton Markets, a Forex broker with a large client base in Japan, China, South East Asia, and Europe. We offer a number of attractive features for our clients, such as: 800:1 leverage. Free VPS support. Standard and...
  14. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc’s Welcome Bonus

    ForexBrokerInc greets its new clients by offering a great first-deposit bonus! The flexible Welcome Bonus scheme works according to traders’ payment method preferences. With each payment method (Neteller, Credit card) comes a different, great bonus size from 10% to 30%. After making a first...
  15. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc’s Loyalty Bonus

    Are you a Loyal client? Make your next deposit and claim the great ‎Loyalty Bonus that ranges from 5% to 15% (depending on your payment method)! Deposit with Neteller and get 5% Deposit with Credit Card $100 - $499 and get 10% Deposit with Credit Card $500 or more and get 15% Bonus is...
  16. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc VIP Raffle

    VIP Status Account holders at ForexBrokerInc will automatically take part in the monthly Raffle! The raffle rewards 3 lucky winners with a $500 withdrawable cash prize in their trading accounts! Traders who are not VIP Status Account holders and who wish to participate in the raffle, can learn...
  17. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc’s VIP Status FreeRoll Forex Tournament

    Traders are invited to take part in ForexBrokerInc’s upcoming VIP Status FreeRoll Forex Tournament which gives them the chance to win a share of the $5,000 Cash Prize Pool! If you are a VIP Status Account holder and an active depositor within the last 6 months, you are eligible to take part in...
  18. AZAforex

    Daily technical Analysis and Recomendations by AzaForex

    Successful strategies to employ in foreign currency exchange. We made foreign exchange trading easy for you. Use our trading recommendations and tips to get the best from the forex market.
  19. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc’s SIRIX Mobile App

    ForexBrokerInc is proud to announce the launch of the SIRIX Mobile App. Traders can access the SIRIX Mobile Trader on their Android devices by simply downloading it from the Google Play Store. Traders get to trade wherever they are, whenever they want and simultaneously enjoy the fantastic...
  20. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc’s MT4 FreeRoll Forex Tournament

    We invite traders to participate in ForexBrokerInc’s MT4 FreeRoll Forex Tournament! Traders at ForexBrokerInc can register for the tournament NOW, prove their trading skills and have the chance to be rewarded with a slice of the $10,000 Prize Pool credited in their MT4 accounts! The MT4...