1. volta

    Loadshedding Stage Six to Come to South Africa, How Will This Affect Economy?

    South Africa for quite some time has been experiencing load-shedding across the country due to the rising energy demands which were abnormally high during the cold winter. The power supply disruption is a major inconvenience to homes and businesses in the country and in turn, it affects the...
  2. MPB Apps

    Forex Data – Mobile App With All Data In One Place

    Hello, My name is Paul and recently I’ve created a mobile app which contains: Charts Calendar (Forex Factory) News (DailyFX, FXStreet, Forex Factory, Investing) Analysis (DailyFX, FXStreet, Investing, ING, Dukaskopy) Tradingview technical analysis Pivots Myfxbook Outlook Tradingview trade...
  3. X

    Brokers for News Trading

    For News trading , which brokers are good?
  4. L

    Forex Broker Reviews or Foreign Exchange is the decentralized global currency market, which is now one of the most liquid industries in the world. Though currency trading an ancient form of business, online FX industry is comparatively young and it touched 1 trillion USD milestone only 20 years...
  5. C

    Rosaline Ballesio is a fraud, Never do business with her

    Rosaline Lai Ballesio, is of Asian origin and resident in England along with her husband and swindler of French origin, both fled France due to accusations of fraud. Rosaline Ballesio is a world-class swindler who has teamed up with her own husband to use websites like btcmt4 to earn easy and...
  6. Jordan Salvatore D'Armi


    Just predictions and thoughts about EUR/USD and connected pairs.
  7. speculator

    Cryptocurrency Trade Ideas and Latest News

    As Cryptocurrency gaining more and more attention around the world, it becomes a widely traded asset with enormous exponential growth potential. There are many alternatives and variations of Bitcoin called Alternative Coins or Altcoins. I would like to dedicate this thread to my cryptocurrency...
  8. Admiral Markets Group

    Admiral Markets offers lot fractions on index CFDs

    This year, Admiral Markets improved the CFD offering on indices of the world's largest exchanges, by gradually: decreasing spreads and margin rates expanding the list of instruments adding special features, such as extended trading hours and fixed in-hour spreads. And today, Admiral Markets...
  9. Mcdogg

    What does "lower bank buffer" mean?

    For example, Bank of England state all FPC agreed to lower bank buffer and are willing to act further if necessary. How does this affect the the GBP? Thanks
  10. maximusc

    Cross Border Foreign Exchange Intermarket Analysis

    Most of the retail traders are prone to only trade with chart and technical analysis as well as frequently change their strategy setup during trading. This have caused irrelevant to one of the trading vital code of conduct that is "Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan". As such, majority of...
  11. Enivid

    Hiring Part-Time Commodity News Writer

    Do you understand the commodities market? Can you write short to-the-point news articles about important events in oil, gold, copper, corn, and other markets? Are you interested in working for an established industry blog? Good. We are looking to hire a part-time commodity news writer for our...
  12. R

    EUR/USD Weekly Forecast

    Still hard to me to say whether eurusd will contuinue fall for this week, if look on four hour timeframe this pair still move on ranging trend behaviour which if we look on weekly timeframe, on ths area seems still become support level
  13. tobeone

    [MYFXBOOK] Fully Automatic News Trading EA: +1320% in less than 2 months live acc.!

    Would you like to PRINT money like this on your live account? Fully verified on myfxbook here and on MQL5 here. Mind-blowing +1320% profit in roughly one and a half months after launch on my own live account, the result of over 2 years of work and constant improvements since the early 2013's...
  14. F

    Trader haze/info overload

    Read about the haze and info overload Don't get caught out, learn and get help.
  15. tobeone

    NewsGrabber Platinum Elite - MYFXBOOK LIVE MONITORING

    NewsGrabber Platinum Elite is a fully automatic news trading robot which is based on the most precise and powerful news trading algorithm today (from my experience of using several popular news trading EAs on live accounts and results I’ve got). After putting different news trading software on...
  16. Vistabrokers

    Market Analysis by Vistabrokers

    Plunging OIL sees risk aversion as Investors flock to Yen The Yen was buoyant today following a sharp decline in crude oil and stocks which resurfaced concerns regarding the global economy. Additionally growing fears in the Eurozone’s stability and measures to be taken against deflation...
  17. tobeone

    News Trading [REAL MONEY]

    I'm a mql4 programmer and trading system developer and I think I can make some money for you! If you're interested in trading news you may heard of THG Straddle Trader Diamond and Straddle Trader Pro, I've used both of those and over time I came to conclusion to write my own because I often...
  18. tobeone

    Profitable Forex Robot

    It's for news trading, very similar to THG Straddle Trader Diamond and Straddle Trader Pro 2, they maybe make good returns but subscription price is a lot for me. I found a similar stuff on forums. Included in attachment.
  19. FxNet

    Risk Aversion and Profit-Taking LIFT the Japanese Yen - FxNet Market Overview

    The currency markets have been gripped by risk aversion into the New Year, and we are seeing a big reversal in especially in dollar/yen and euro/dollar pairs. Investors favored covering yen shorts, giving the Japanese currency a 0.5% gains versus the greenback today. Profit-taking saw the...
  20. FxNet

    Dollar Struggles At 100 Yen Level, Focus Is Now On FOMC - FXNET Analysis

    Focus is on the FOMC minutes that are due later this evening, which will be a key driver of the US dollar. During the European session the dollar was mixed, as markets digested yesterday’s comments by Federal Reserve President Ben Bernanke who reiterated the Fed’s continued stimulus program was...