1. nika9414

    forex analysis , and stop loss with take profit

    hey , thanks for your interest just to be clear this is not the ' i will be a millionare in a week in forex' bulllshit because lets be honest its impossible .. anyway here is the link check it out and see if you are interested Best of luck :)
  2. K

    Start trading with Baazex, and get best trading experience.

    Baazex International Limited offers negative balance protection to all clients as part of the Agreement with a client as long as it is not manipulated. The interests of our clients are our primary aim; Therefore, we ensure that clients may never lose more than their total deposits. However, we...
  3. FEW

    Today's AUD Weakness and Live Trading Signals

    Today in the main session forex trading the AUD was weak on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price movements during the main trading session. Images of the live forex trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown below. The AUD/USD...
  4. K

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  5. K

    Enjoy the excitement of trading and boost your account with a low spread and more chances to get the profit.

    Baazex International Limited with the best available and exciting opportunities for the individuals is offering low spread so you can enjoy more chances to get the profit. Try to enjoy the thrill of trading with a low spread.
  6. K

    Get 20% Deposit bonus and enjoy the thrill of trading with Baazex

    Baazex International Limited with best available opportunities for the individuals, now offering 20% Deposit bonus, avail this offer and get 20% extra amount along with your deposited amount and get benefits by using it in trading.:)
  7. F

    CWG Activity: 2 steps to get $500 immediately

    Do you know how to analysis, forecast and trade? Do you know how to profit from the market effectively? If you want to achieve it, please acquire our "2 steps to get $500 immediately" for free. Step1 Free offline trading workshop 1. Why Malaysia's forex trading is a popular investment product...
  8. nathali

    YMS-PRO Forex Template

    Free Download yms-pro template
  9. G


    GERCHIK & CO TEAM The founders at Gerchik & Co are two traders who have brought together their expertise, experience, and funds to pursue a common goal - make the Forex industry work for the clients. They have decided to provide market players with transparent trading terms without restrictions...

    Forex Trading Education - Forex Courses

    Learn the Secrets - NAJJAR INVEST Trading Experts over 18 years within the Forex Trading and Financial Markets - Grow up your Funds with the most Accurate Signals – Money Back Guarantee 100% Advanced Private Courses - Technical & Fundamental Analysis - Portfolio Management - Top Forex Trading...

    Best Forex Signals - Markets Forecast - Free Forex Tips

    Learn the Secrets - Trading Experts over 18 years within the Forex Trading and Financial Markets - Grow up your Funds with the Best Forex Signals and Accurate Markets Forecast – Money Back Guarantee 100%

    Accurate Forex Signals - Guaranteed Forex Signals

    Learn the Secrets - Trading Experts over 18 years within the Forex Trading and Financial Markets - Grow up your Funds with the most Accurate Forex Signals and Guaranteed Markets Forecast – Fees Refund 100%

    NAJJAR INVEST - Trading Experts

    Forex and Financial Markets is not a place where all traders are going to make easy profit and this is the second advice. Only about 10% of traders around the world can make stable profit all the time and 90% of traders will lose some or all their Portfolios at the end. This is the ugly truth...
  14. D

    There's a new way to automate your trading strategy code-free! Join the revolution

    Hi, Capitalise is a new revolutionary trading platform that let’s you automate your tradings using natural language. Capitalise then monitors the market and execute your orders automatically! Yes - this life changing platform sets you free from the anxious waiting for the right moment to...
  15. Elliot Chang

    What are flash crashes in currencies and how to capitalize on them

    May 6th, 2010. It had been little more than a year since the vicious bear market of 2007-2009 had hit bottom. With government stimulus programs taking root, the previous 12 months were some of the best for traders in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. The index opened at 10,800 that...
  16. Q

    Price action courses' lifetime membership for sale

    I have lifetime membership in several well-known Price action groups. Now I have studied almost all the materials and I want to sell the membership for 50% of it official value. Only 1 person is eligible for each offer (membership can be transferred for your e-mail and password)!!! 1) Nial...
  17. 37riched

    Olymp trade forex reviews? Any ideas about trading platforms?

    I’ve been working on some trading strategies for options, but I’m getting a bit tired here and feel I’m stuck. The problem is that options only allow getting a fixed amount of profit when the price movement starts. So looking at most of the instruments I find that the levels for support and...
  18. forex4earn

    forex holy grail secret strategy

    I’m forex trader and software developer. 10 years forex experience. Use lot of system and indicator but results got loss. I had lost my money and confidence. Then make my secret strategy use 9-10 indicator to make strategy got good results last 5 years. Last year I updated my secret strategy...
  19. Dalya

    Renko Full Throttle PRO Indicator MT4

    Renko Full Throttle PRO Indicator MT4 A Powerful Solution That Analyze The Renko And The Standard Charts And Filters Out The Noise Or The Narrow Range Moves And Gives Entry And Exit Signals. A statistics panel is included to show the net points gained from these signals taking into...