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    Technical Analysis by RoboForex

    Dear Traders, In this thread we are going to provide Forex Technical Analysis written by RoboForex professional analysts. Analytical materials from our Trading Central, the established analytical bureau, are daily notifications and signals, which are sure to be useful for both experienced...
  2. PYX Markets London

    Daily Market Outlook By PYX Markets

    Daily Market Outlook 4 August The British pound edged up on Thursday as investors counted on the Bank of England to cut interest rates to a record low, while a rebound in oil prices from four-month lows lifted Asian stocks. The expected BoE cut to a record low 0.25 percent later on Thursday...
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    How To Trade Forex On News Releases

    Please let me know latest forex market, news, trading strategies, useful Forex analysis. Looking forward to here from you. Thanks
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    Daily Forex Trading Forecasts, 06.01.2015

    Hey guys, there is my view of the market for today. I give some signals and recommendations. Tell me what you think.
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    Live Signals for 28 Pairs

    Most forex traders use technical indicators and they can fail with these indicators because they are not measuring the right quantities. Trading with currency strength can provide a trader with accurate trading signals. These signals will be real time and point you directly to which pair to...
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    Daily market analysis and financial news by Vesta Trader

    The US dollar hammered all major currencies and precious metals yesterday after the FOMC meeting minutes were released. The highlight of the report was the hawkish stance of the Fed members. This change in shift caught the attention of the function of forex exchange market and the US dollar...
  7. FxNet

    Daily Market Analysis by FXNET - Euro Hits 4-Year High Against Yen

    The euro hit a four-year high against the yen this morning, rising to 135.93, the highest since October 2009. What contributed to the yen’s weakness was data showing Japan’s trade deficit widened more than expected in October. Forecasts were for 1.091 trillion yen compared to a forecast of...
  8. FxNet

    Daily Forex Analysis by FXNET

    The European session was relatively quiet as would be normal for a Friday, with most currency pairs consolidating the past couple of days’ moves. There was a lot of volatility yesterday as a result of news flow and economic data. Markets are digesting the news surrounding Janet Yellen’s...
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    Yen Extends Losses - Daily Analysis by FXNET

    The yen weakened further during the Asian session and is on course to end the week with losses as demand for safe haven assets fell. Market sentiment is high and risk appetite has been propped up due to continued economic stimulus measures from major central banks, especially from the Federal...
  10. FxNet

    Dollar holds near 2-month high versus yen

    The US dollar retraced slightly against the yen in the Asian session but is still hovering near a two-month high. The greenback is being broadly supported by renewed views of Fed tapering after a series of strong economic data. The dollar is also drawing strength from a surge in US bond yields...
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    Wednesday EURUSD market Started from 1.32280. Today market gone uptrend side and now it’s back to sell side. And yesterday market gone good to buy side. So Morning market was in the control for buyers. So it went up to 1.32550. Today we have one important news announcement so we can...
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    : EURUSD today| December 17:news.fxbase

    Monday EURUSD market Started from 1.31710. Today’s market is more on the sell trend side and till it is continuing. The Morning market was controlled by the sellers and it gone up to 1.31450. After some hours we have lot of important news’s. After news release the market may move to a good...
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    Thursday EURUSD market Started from 1.30730. Today market slightly up and now it’s come to down side .Today we have three high impact news’s. so we expect after this news announcement time some positive or negative movements sure. Pivot Point Details: This is the pivot...
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    Thursday’s EURUSD market Started from 1.30650. After some hours we got a downtrend. Currently market is at the position of 1.30560. So as usual, today the market will move up slightly based upon the downtrend movements. Today we have three high news alerts. So be aware at this time also...
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    eurusd current analysis dec05

    Wednesday EURUSD market Started from 1.30940. After some hours we got an uptrend and the uptrend is still continuing. Currently market is at the position of 1.31192. So as usual today the market will move down slightly based upon the uptrend movements. Pivot Point Details: This is the...
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    Monday EURUSD market Started from 1.29830. After some hours we got a wonderful uptrend. Yes, today’s market went up to 1.30470. It is a good opportunity for buyers at the beginning. But the current market trend is downward. Pivot Point Details: This is the pivot point values for...
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    EUR USD Technical Analysis | EUR USD Forecast - Daily:news.fxbase

    EURUSD daily Technical analysis November -30:news.fxbase Friday EURUSD market Started from 1.29800. After some hours we got an uptrend. We can expect some changes in the uptrend due to ECB news release. So we can see positive or negative movements in EURUSD more today. Yesterday Market got a...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, i am glad to be here. This place will help me to make more money with forex :)
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    Intraday Trend Indicator with technical indicators (free)

    Intraday Trend Indicator 2.0 is a must have app for any investor who deals with any Equity or Forex market around the world (for example Nasdaq). The investor is able to make nearly accurate predictions and take firm decisions using the app's calculated measures (Pivot Point, Resistance Points...
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    TheForexSignalsPro Currencies,Gold,Oil Long Term Analysis

    Hi all , Here we will post some long term analysis of currencies gold and oil Hope to be useful for all Best regards TheForexSignalsPro