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    Monday EURUSD market Started from 1.29830. After some hours we got a wonderful uptrend. Yes, today’s market went up to 1.30470. It is a good opportunity for buyers at the beginning. But the current market trend is downward. Pivot Point Details: This is the pivot point values for...
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    EUR USD Technical Analysis | EUR USD Forecast - Daily:news.fxbase

    EURUSD daily Technical analysis November -30:news.fxbase Friday EURUSD market Started from 1.29800. After some hours we got an uptrend. We can expect some changes in the uptrend due to ECB news release. So we can see positive or negative movements in EURUSD more today. Yesterday Market got a...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, i am glad to be here. This place will help me to make more money with forex :)
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    Intraday Trend Indicator with technical indicators (free)

    Intraday Trend Indicator 2.0 is a must have app for any investor who deals with any Equity or Forex market around the world (for example Nasdaq). The investor is able to make nearly accurate predictions and take firm decisions using the app's calculated measures (Pivot Point, Resistance Points...
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    TheForexSignalsPro Currencies,Gold,Oil Long Term Analysis

    Hi all , Here we will post some long term analysis of currencies gold and oil Hope to be useful for all Best regards TheForexSignalsPro
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    Speculators Set New Record for USD Longs, w/e 25 June 2012

    Speculators Set New Record for USD Longs, w/e 25 May 2012 The USD remains popular with the speculators as they push their longs up to 310,502K contracts. Only the yen and the C$ seem to be substitutes for the USD, in the specs views of the current state of affairs. Look for new proposals to...
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    Eurozone Gets to Grips with Greece?

    The aftermath from last week's elections continue to weigh on the markets, and in currency markets, the threat of political change is the most important driver. The Greeks voted for those who opposed the austerity plan recommended by the Troika, but have no plans for repayment of debt coming...
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    [Sharing] Discussion Forex Technical Analysis

    GBP/USD Weekly Outlook 20 Februari 2012 Although prices edging down to 1.5643 last week, GBP / USD staged a strong rebound from there. This development shows that the price rebound from 1.5928 has completed. More importantly, the increase of the price of 1.5234 is not over. Initial bias is...
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    EUR/USD Simple Analysis on Daily Chart using basic tools

    I have traded this currency pair for quite sometime, and my current winning ratio for EUR/USD has been very constant. Except for USD/JPY I do not trade on any other currency pair. It is very important to stay focus. Therefore, I would only want to know news about US, Europe & Japan, to give me...
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    PAMM-System manage by 7138787 (Millionaire Capital)

    Millionaire Capital (MC) - Short and Long-Term Investment (SERIOUS BIG PROFITS) Good news for investors!!! Joint our PAMM-System manage by 7138787 (Millionaire Capital). We offer just for time period 10 days trading. The profit sharing is 50 - 70% for investor. click here to...
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    Default Does a Forex Demo Account Work The Same As a Live Account?

    I often see it recommended to traders thinking about trading forex that they first "practice" using a forex demo account before trading live. While I do agree that trading with a demo account for a very short period of time is a good idea just to familiarize yourself with the particular platform...
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    Australia Dollar Receives Help from Commodities

    The Australian dollar rose today, rallying to the highest price in almost two weeks against the US dollar, as commodities gained and increased appeal of growth-related currencies to Forex traders. The Leading Index of Melbourne Institute showed the annual growth of 0.1 percent in June...
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    Hi Dear traders & newbies, we provide cashback, institutional signals, free forex promotions, free expert advisors and more, when you open a trading account through our site. WE guarantee that no cash-back program can compete with us when we provide so many services. Our broker partners are...
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    Euro Weakens as Investors Shun European Bonds

    The euro fell against its major counterparts on Forex today, as the investors preferred not buy the government bonds of the semi-troubled EZ countries. The Eurozone single currency slid to a new record low against the Swiss franc and declined for a second day against the US dollar. The currency...
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    U.S. Dollar Mixed Despite Tentative Agreement on Plan to Avoid Default

    The U.S. Dollar found brief support at the start of the Asian session on Monday after U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Congressional leaders had reached an agreement on reducing the deficit while simultaneously raising the debt ceiling, in order to prevent the world’s largest economy...
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    Daily Forex News and Analysis

    Lots of technical and fundamental analysis, daily forex news, trading signals, strategies and forecasts from industry leading banks and best analysts can be found here: EasyForexNews Free reports and daily updates, this is a must have bookmark for every serious trader. Check it out...
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    Eur/USD signals

    It's a mixed day for the pair and also have some important news releases slated for the day. Watch out and proceed with caution. Buy on a dip to the 1.3620 level for 80 pips. Sell from a pullback around 1.3730 (aggressive) or 1.3790 for 60-80 pips. You can set a SL of 40 in all cases...
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    Forex Watchers EURUSD Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, We are back and today we expect the EURUSD to head North between the 1.28830 and 1.29125 barrier area. Here is a Visual of our Forecast for January 11, 2011 Note that all analysis are personally edited and approved by Forex Analyst Navin Prithyani.
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    EURUSD Forex Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, I will be posting our firm's Daily EURUSD forecast outlooks here. The forecasts are simple and easy to read, giving an overview on how we expect the market to perform that very day. Today we expect the EURUSD to proceed North above the 1.31262 to 1.31606 barrier...
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    What GBP will do in 2011?

    Morgan Stanley increased the quotation expectation of the GBP/USD and GBP/EUR in 2010 and 2011, which cause is the Britain launched the latest budget plan and the prospect the inflation in Britain may accelerate its speed this week. Morgan Stanley indicated that GBP/USD quotes 1.42 at the...