1. TrueFxmarkets

    TrueFx Markets - Intro in Earnforex

    Welcome to TrueFx Markets, your gateway to diverse financial opportunities. Specializing in gold, precious metals, currencies, futures, and cryptocurrencies, we offer a competitive spread for cost-effective trading. Elevate your financial journey with cutting-edge technology, and explore...
  2. Barrycdex

    CDEX ( New market analysis services

    Can BTC Surge to $28,000 Again or Will the Middle East Conflict Impact its Trajectory? CDEX Trading series EP71 is live!!! Watch now: CDEX provides a convenient, understandable, and easy-to-use platform that caters to all types of investors. We are convinced that...
  3. DavidJen52

    Binary Forex EA

    Revolutionize Your Trading with Cutting-Edge Forex Robots for Automatic Trading At Binary Forex EA, our advanced forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors (EA), automate your trading process. With advanced algorithms, they analyze market conditions, identify opportunities, and execute trades...
  4. Daniel LQDFX

    LQDFX - - Loyal * Quality * Devoted

    LQDFX was established in 2015 and has quickly positioned itself as one of the leaders in the CFD industry. With goals of being the most loyal, quality, and devoted broker through its business model of following the STP execution avenue – there is no dealing desk manipulation, no requotes, and no...
  5. F

    best broker for using expert advisors

    I have found an excellent broker for using expert advisors roboforex. it has been designed to accommodate this and is the reason for robo in the name... has anyone else tried using them? let me know what you experience has been,
  6. H

    My Brokers

    Just wanted to share who I use seems a lot of hopping on brokers and what’s real and what isn’t. 1st. Prop firm 80-90% splits straight forward customer service is fast. 2nd. Broker Best customer service! I get my withdraws in 1hr or less. ITS AN “A”...
  7. K

    Advanced Scam

    Hello, I would like to have some information about the currency trends that can be seen on the MT5 app. I am the subject of a scam by a broker. I traded with information received from a person and each time I won. I am of a small amount invested. The person told me that the information was going...
  8. Y


    Greetings, does anyone know about new broker Moon-X? Attracted by the low spread and promotions, I use a demo account, everything is fine, but is it worth depositing cash?
  9. autotrading

    Recommend me broker that accept BTC deposits

    Hello guys, Do you have list with Forex Brokers which accept deposits in BTC? Does the broker you will suggest me support withdraw of the profits in fiat money? Best regards!
  10. Ihab

    Instaforex administration fail again.

    I`m a verified forex trader with Instaforex since 2008 , I Always used my real name , my real documents , to be verified in all the forms I fill with this broker , no matter if it`s to create a new real account or to participate in any demo contest they sponsor . At last July i won 2 prizes...
  11. KimoMody

    I've found a good Expert Advisor

    In one of the Forex sites, I've found this attached expert... and I've tried it for more than one month...the results are great. So, I like to share it with you...and get your opinion, do i go live trading with this expert...thank you.
  12. T

    Most number of pairs

    Hi all! I am looking for the broker with the most number of pairs, someone has some suggestion? Thanks
  13. P

    [ASK] Recommended binary broker

    Hi. My friend talked me into joining him to trade either binary or forex, and after doing some searching I admit binary interests me more. Now I am aware that people are saying that in binary it is hard to make profits, but I am really really new in this trading thing so I thought to start from...
  14. X

    Brokers for News Trading

    For News trading , which brokers are good?
  15. AaronMax

    Find me for reliable broker

    Hi everyone, I can suggest some reliable broker, please feels free to pm me. Thanks a lot!!
  16. L

    Forex Broker Reviews or Foreign Exchange is the decentralized global currency market, which is now one of the most liquid industries in the world. Though currency trading an ancient form of business, online FX industry is comparatively young and it touched 1 trillion USD milestone only 20 years...
  17. Atirox - international brokerage company

    Atirox has been operating since 2015 year. And from 2018 year our company has entered the international arena of financial and crypto-currency markets, and currently provides its services all over the world. Our company positions itself as a young, innovative, technically and advanced broker on...
  18. miftahul bururi

    [UMOFX] Introducer Broker | Forex Manage

    We are Introducer Brokers from UMOFX, here we serve member starting from opening account until withdrawal process. UMOFX Excellence: Order Processing STP/ECN with Minimum Deposit for as low as $1 USD No Dealing Desk Forex Broker Registered and regulated Forex Brokers Low Margin Requirement up...
  19. E

    SCAM WARNING!!! AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) Scammed many investors!

    Hello forum experts, I am a victim of a forex scam and wanted to report them here! I found facebook ads of AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) with the title "How to trade like a Pro". According to them, they are a regulated and licensed forex brokerage firm. After being contacted by the sales...
  20. J

    Forex Broker Scam Complaint

    Hello. I have invested a significan amount in a forex broker (name to be disclosed later) and I think they are lying all the time. I was supposed to withdraw part of my gains and their excuse is that a free bonus is applied to my account which makes it impossible to withdraw if I don't trade...