[ASK] Recommended binary broker


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Jun 14, 2012
Hi. My friend talked me into joining him to trade either binary or forex, and after doing some searching I admit binary interests me more.
Now I am aware that people are saying that in binary it is hard to make profits, but I am really really new in this trading thing so I thought to start from something really simple just to familiarize myself with things.

My question is, what is your recommended binary broker and why?

Also, the other day I happened to stumble across this one particular video which piqued my interest....

This guy claimed he could make $1,000 out of $100 by making careful plans...
Well I agree that planning is one essential aspect.
Searched a bit and found that the broker, HiroseUK, is from Japan so I guess that is one point for me to consider this broker.
What do you guys think?

Any feedback would be really helpful. Really trying to start here.

Thank you!