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    GBP/USD Analysis Today.

    US stocks are set for a mixed open on Monday, as futures pared earlier gains and investors questioned whether global growth can survive a slowdown in Chinese growth, an energy crunch and therefore the Fed tapering support. On the opposite hand, The GBPUSD earlier within the US session extended...
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    Bitcoin Price down.

    The price of Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency on the market, is currently down by around 9% over the past 24 hours. It is sitting around $43,429, according to Coinmarketcap, compared to its highest ever level of more than $64,000 in April. The second biggest cryptocurrency, Etheruem, has...
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    What is Bearish Options Strategies?

    Bearish Options Strategies are options trading strategies that are designed to profit when a stock goes down. For stock traders, the sole thanks to profit when a stock goes down is by shorting the stocks itself. Shorting the stocks itself doesn't only offers no leverage in the least but also...
  4. D

    How much should I risk per trade?

    Hi, i'm new in forex trading. Kindly help me what proportion should I risk per trade?
  5. Venom1989

    Triumph Scalper Review-New Top Converting Forex Product

    "Triumph Scalper" is new superior trading software for the currency market. Its primary purpose is to make your trading more profitable while also saving you time and nerves! It's designed for quick trading, therefore it supports the M1, M5, and M15 timeframes, as well as all major currency...
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    What are the benefits of Forex Live economic calendar?

    What are the benefits of Forex Live economic calendar?
  7. Venom1989

    Forex Auto King-New Monster Trading System

    It provides the best copy trading via 3rd part Ea to copy your trade. you have chance to get Forex Auto King system with it’s amazing 40 + Recovery Factor and take trading to the next level. How Forex AUTO KING Copy System UNLOCKS Profit Potential with 3 Sophisticated Market Domination...
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    FOREX AUTO KING Copy System- Amazing Copy System Software (Free Trial)

    FOREX AUTO KING provides greatest copy trading via 3rd part Ea to copy your trade. you have chance to get Forex Auto King system with it's amazing 40 + Recovery Factor and take trading to the next level. Lear More You have THE GUARANTEE of Accurate Operation, the benefit of complete service...
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    Forex Monarch-Top Trading Forex Product

    Forex Monarch- Best Trading Indicator Welcome to my top to bottom Forex Monarch review. Each individual has loads of high points and low points in their lives. These circumstances assume a significant part in changing the way of life. These high points and low points rely altogether upon the...
  10. Venom1989

    Exynox Scalper Review -Greatest Trading Robot True Or Not?

    I’m very glad to share some details about the model-new “Exynox Scalper” indicator with you which is Top and probably best Trading Software In market with it’s unique features and abilities to earn as much as you can. “Exynos Scalper” is an impressive indicator, that in contrast to EA/Robots...
  11. danielelton

    How risky is forex trading?

    Could anyone tell me details please
  12. FEW

    YOUTUBE VIDEO - Three Important Forex Trading Guidelines For Winning Trades

    This Youtube video will give forex traders explanations of why cash versus online trades are the same, why currency pairs move, and how to analyze individual currencies, instead of technical indicators, for a complete view. Resources and tools included. Here is the video: You can follow along...
  13. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-SUGAR : 2020-02-27

    Indicator Value Signal RSI Sell MACD Sell MA(200) Neutral Fractals Sell Parabolic SAR Sell Bollinger Bands Sell Chart Analysis On the daily timeframe, SUGAR: D1 broke down an uptrend support line. Now it is moving down from its maximum since November 2017. A range...
  14. fxroboreview

    Features of MT5 Fx Robot

    MT5 FX Robot is an extremely powerful forex robot someone called Mark Hamilton. This robot is accurate at predicting price movement. This robot’s development team also claim that “MT5 Fx Robot knows the future. “They also claim that it doesn’t matter if your beginner advanced in forex. You can...
  15. FEW

    Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Forex Traders

    This well written, illustrated article explains to traders how to conduct a multiple time frame analysis of any currency pair, individual currency, or the entire market across 28 pairs. It explains how to set up the basic trend indicators and exact procedures. It includes examples of how to...
  16. K

    Start trading with Baazex, and get best trading experience.

    Baazex International Limited offers negative balance protection to all clients as part of the Agreement with a client as long as it is not manipulated. The interests of our clients are our primary aim; Therefore, we ensure that clients may never lose more than their total deposits. However, we...
  17. IFC Markets

    SP500 snaps three day losing stretch on trade optimism

    Dollar weakening slowed US stocks resumed advancing after three session decline on Wednesday buoyed by report US and China are making progress toward phase one deal. The S&P 500 rose 0.6% to 3112.76. The Dow Jones industrial average advanced 0.5% to 27649.78. Nasdaq gained 0.5% to 8566.67...
  18. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis EURUSD : 2019-12-05

    Bigger than forecast retail trade decline bearish for EURUSD Retail sales in the euro-zone declined in October over month more than forecast. Will the EURUSD decline? The price chart on 1-hour timeframe shows EURUSD: H1 is in uptrend. The price is rising above the 200-period moving average...
  19. Mo.Shalabi

    What is margin trading ?

    Lets say you are a small trader and you don’t have enough money to buy a car, but you have a good experience in term of car trading to your clients, so When you open an account with an auto-dealership, for example, that allows margin trading, you will lodge in advance a small fixed amount of...
  20. A

    best trading platform?

    What is the best trading platform to trade forex?