I am offering to teach my trading method for free

Mar 27, 2012
After reading many posts on forums from beginners and novice traders, I have decided to offer help to three individuals and teach them my trading strategy for free.

I do not want any money for the materials that I will pass along to you and I don’t care if you promise to teach someone else my method, that is your choice. I am making this offer absolutely free of charge.

Please keep in mind that what I am going to teach is the method I use to trade…. And I probably cannot teach you the method that others on forums use because it is their method, not mine.
My method is not the only way to trade, it is just the way I trade.

I know that there is an on going discussion about why a successful trader would stop and take their time to teach someone to trade. Some say that a successful trader would do so and others say that a successful trader wouldn’t. They all have valid points.
It is true that a successful trader would have to take a great deal of time out of his / her trading day to help someone.

Why would a successful trader do this?

I can only tell you my reasons…
The first reason is because I will never forget the personal struggle and sacrifice that I have made to become successful in this business. That pain is very real to me and it is what keeps me sharp and focused every day.

When I read all the posts on trading forums from members looking for help…. I understand where they are coming from, and I truly care… I was like one of them.

As I read these posts… I started to wonder where some of these individuals who ask for help, end up and if they ever really get help.

So I would like to help three traders by teaching them my method of trading.

I originally thought of making a couple of threads explaining my trading method but I can see from the replies of others who post their methods… everyone interprets what they read in a different way… and I know that if I post my method … it could easily be miss understood and then the thread quickly changes direction and no longer remains the focus of the trading strategy.

Now I will answer some obvious questions,
Who am I …..

I have been successfully trading for about 11 years.
I started helping friends and family with their trading through a chat room. It quickly grew and I became overwhelmed with the emails and questions in the chat room, so I am well aware of how much time I lose on my own trading account by teaching others.

I do make a living from trading the forex market. The level of success I have achieved has truly surprised my family and especially myself.
(I have seen the question of whether or not someone can really make a living from trading the forex on several posts).

At the beginning of my trading career, I found a lot of people teaching how to trade but they never really mentioned how much money they made or the fine details about trading.

I never found someone to be my personal mentor… I know that there are a lot of people out there offering to mentor for a price…. But how can you ever really know if it is worth the price?
And its difficult to determine if they are really successful traders or just someone who put together information they read in books and now they call it a system for sale?

I was fortunate enough to have the lifestyle that allowed me to stick through the learning curve and find my way to success in this business.

Everyone’s idea of success is different and what we need to feel successful varies based on the needs of our families and our expectations.

And then there are the personal achievements we make as traders. These are things that only we can understand. Most people will never know or understand the personal sacrifice and pain we go through to become successful in this business.

As I mentioned before… we all process information in our own way…. So while I am offering to help others… you may not like the way I trade or it might not fit with your lifestyle…. So what I would like to do is have those who are interested in my offer P.M. me with a brief description of what level you feel you are at in your trading and how you would like me to help you.

After receiving the P.M’s , I will send you more information about my trading style and method and if you feel that it is for you, then I will chose three people to assist personally and I will send you my trading course e-book.
You will also receive access to my private Facebook group for more personal assistance.

I realize that there will be many people that I wont have the time to help .
So for those individuals still interested, I will send you important snippets of my trading system and I will offer limited market commentary through email.

Please understand that I will be giving up a great deal of my time from trading my personal account. I will appreciate your patience and understanding. I will do my best to get thru the responses as soon as I can .

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Good Luck Trading,