Holiday Special Offer Could Really Change Your Trading

Mar 27, 2012
In recent months I have been helping more and more
Forex traders with one-on-one coaching.

I believe it is one of the most effective ways to help people.
And we have seen monumental improvements for all who take the
coaching classes with me.

You are also probably aware that most coaching isn't cheap...
and the high prices stop a lot of deserving traders out there
who are still struggling.

I have good news!

You can get one-on-one coaching with me
and just in time for the holidays and to start off the
new year right.

But before I get into the details of the coaching program,
let me say that I realize how hard it is to learn trading strategies
and techniques from a book or a few videos.

Many of the ebook and videos courses on the internet are pretty good
but since we all learn and process information in different ways,
its still too hard to really understand most of the strategies and
to really “get in the mind of the trader” who developed the strategies.

What you really need is personal, one-on-one coaching from a
professional who can walk you down the right path and
keep you away from making the mistakes that usually
put most traders out of business.

Continuing the same approach that isn't working for you now,
will only lead to more loss and perhaps the end of your trading career.

Well... I want to help you personally implement trading
strategies that are time tested and proven to work, that most
successful traders use every day.

So what I would like to offer you this holiday to make sure
that next year is your best trading year ever is...
live, personal one-on-one coaching with me.

And you can get it for the price of my
“Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days” trading course.

I normally charge $2999. for taking my coaching class
and I want you to have it for only $97.

That's not a typo and I don't normally discount
my coaching class. I will not offer it again at this price
and it will only be available for a very limited time.

The next coaching class starts on January 8, 2013
and there are limited seats in this class.
(I only work with approximately 30 students at a time)

So what's included with your one-on-one coaching class?

•You will get 7 weeks on hands on, one-on-one coaching with me.
• I will walk you through the entire training and you and I will talk either on the phone or with skype.
•The entire 7 week course is designed to take you from start to finish with you successfully trading at the end of it.
•It includes learning the same techniques I use to make 300, 500 and even 1000 pips in a day (when the market provides the opportunity to do so)
•You will begin by learning the three easy to follow trading strategies that allow you to trade in all market environments. (in the past two weeks, my students and I have earned over 1800 pips from using these three techniques)
•I will teach you my strategies for scalping, day trading and swing trading (my strategies can be used on any time frame)
• I will also help you create a true business plan for your trading business and I will help you eliminate the stress and from your trading.
• I will teach you my four point trade filter to determine which trading techniques will likely earn you the most.
• I will help you create the ultimate trading environment so you can quickly access the market conditions so you aren't trading on days that you shouldn't be. (knowing when not to trade is just as important as knowing when you should trade)
• I will teach you how to apply check points and how to make the proper adjustments to your trading so you aren't repeating bad trading behavior.
•And I will teach you psychological exercises to help you eliminate bad habits and make sure they don't return.
• I will teach you advanced trading techniques so you can really trade in all market environments
•I will teach you professional money management principals that will allow you to grow your account and still take out money each month to pay your bills.
• I will teach you specific strategies for moving larger sums of money in and out of the market with a profit.
•I will teach you the same trading technique I used to make over $40,000 in my third year of my trading career (I have been professionally trading since 2001)
• I will also teach you additional ways to trade other markets that are closely related to the Forex
And... I will teach you how to make trading fun again!

At the end of the seven weeks, you should be trading successfully, earning money month after month instead of experiencing losing months.

But... I don't stop there.
At the end of your 7 week training you will receive...

Thousands of dollars worth of bonuses,
•You will get 6 months of personal coaching with me after you complete the 7 week training.
•You will get access to the “Alumni Chat Room” (there are professional traders in there that you can learn from, trade with and establish relationships with)
•You will get my Ultimate trading course that sells for $2,750. (the complete course)
•You will get all of my newsletters, articles and mp3 interviews
• You will get my “Secret Millionaire Personal Journal Videos” (I've never shared these videos with anyone other than my coaching students- it's like trading with me in my office)

All of these bonuses are over $25,000 if sold separately and I will include them with your
one-on-one coaching.

click here now and make your purchase which includes
your seat in the next live coaching class

The weekly coaching calls with me are live. I will help you with every step of your trading... personally.

I will even include my personal office telephone number so you can call me direct during my regular office hours. ( I am always available to help my students)

This isn't a complicated trading system that will keep you learning for months on end.
My goal is to get you to your goal as fast as possible.

There is nothing else to buy!
This is not a gimmick to get you to buy more stuff from me.

The offer is true and from my heart to help you with your trading.
I am not
I am offering you this opportunity because it is the
holidays and I remember my struggles when I first started my trading career.

I am also blessed with the opportunity to see the major changes in the
lives of my students and watching them achieve their goals and dreams
is a gift that money can not buy.

I also want to thank you for being on my email list and reading
my emails and watching my videos over the past few years.

After you purchase the “Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days” trading course,
I will give you the direct link to download that trading book
with over 170 pages. (this will give you a good primer for the one-on-one coaching)
Then I will send you an email with instructions for the one-on-one coaching class
that will begin on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.

click here now and make your purchase which includes
your seat in the next live coaching class

Having someone in your corner,
who supports you and can help you
can literally change the outcome for the better.

You deserve to earn what you feel you are worth
and I would be honored to help you and be in your corner.

Please sign up before time runs out.
And remember, I only work with 30 students per
coaching class so at this price ($97.)
it will sell out fast.

click here now and make your purchase which includes
your seat in the next live coaching class

Remember that you are purchasing my
“Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days” trading course
and I will include the live coaching class for Free.
Once you complete your purchase,
I will send you the link to download the
Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days trading course and
then I will send you an email with the schedule
and instructions for setting up your account to the
Live One-on-one Coaching class (valued at $2999)

You only pay a one time fee of $97 and you get everything
I have mentioned in this email above.

click here now and make your purchase which includes
your seat in the next live coaching class

I look forward to trading with you,

Happy Holidays,
Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days