Mentoring [Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days]

Mar 27, 2012
A mentor (in my opinion) is only as good
as how successful his students are.

I am not exactly sure how all the other trading mentors operate
but I have heard many sad stories and I am always
meeting traders who have paid enormous amounts
of money to try and learn a trading system only to
end up with no money in their trading account
after a few months or right back to where they started in the beginning.

I can only tell you how I operate and how I can help you.

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I can remember what I thought I needed when
I started my trading career.
I remember when I started trading,
reading the sales pitch from
trading sites and wondering if I was going to
have my money ripped off again.

What I really wanted to know was,
are the students really making money?
and if so,
could I possibly do the same?

And of course, how much money are
the students really making?

Before I continue, I would like you to know…
I really can help you if you are still struggling
to make money trading the Forex market.

I realize that is a very bold claim.
I am a very successful private trader. I have been for years.
And I am not ashamed to say that my
success came at a very heavy price.

I was probably in the position you are in now.
I didn’t know where to turn to for advice.
I was tired of spending money on books and c.d. courses
that were too difficult to follow or understand.

I have literally changed the trading careers of many
new and novice traders with my trading method … all for the better.

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I make well over 100 pips a day on good trading days.
My average is between 300 and 500 pips per day when trading
is good and the market provides the opportunity.

I know that may seem hard to believe but I have
members in my private group right now that are making
over 100 pips on most good trading days and often
they can make over 200 pips a day.

I remember when I first started trading. I used to think,
“If I can just make about 40 to 50 pips a day...
I could really change things for myself and my family”

These very same traders I mentioned who make over
100 pips a day are available right now
for you to meet. You can email them and ask questions.
You can come into the private group for free any time
and chat with them to ask questions or I can arrange
for me to chat with you personally to help you with your trading.

The point I am trying to make is…
I really know that I can help you!

I have created several different services since
I started teaching people to trade
and these services have come about because
I am trying to make it as easy as possible for you
to learn how to trade and profit from the markets
by using my new e-book and video course.

You have nothing to lose.
I offer my e-book and video course to you at an
incredibly affordable price.
It is currently available for $47.00
and I will give you a
6 month money back guarantee.

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You can start making money your first day by
following the simple trading checklists and
videos. And the 30 day trading curriculum
guarantees that you will be using my trading
methods in 30 days or less.

As I have mentioned before, I can understand
if you are skeptical. I would be too.
If you are seriously considering my offer,
I invite you to watch some of my videos and read
some of my articles and if they make sense to you,
try my e-book and video course.
I know you won't be disappointed and
there is a 6 month guarantee policy with your purchase.

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Thanks for your time and I look forward
to trading with you very soon,


Apr 18, 2012