How to automate a trading strategy


Dec 3, 2023
I've develloped a scaping strategy based on news events that seems to work when I backtested it manually for the last 10 years. The problem is that the market needs to be entered extremely quickly while taking into consideration the last candlestick closing price after the annoucement of the news, way quicker than a human could. To solve this problem, I thought about automating my strategy, so that the trade would be placed almost instantaneously. I wondered what options I had. Should I simply learn to code? If so, what language should I focus on? Should I use an AI that does the coding for me? What AI would you recommend? Should I buy a already existing bot and adapt it to my needs? I am new to this, and your help would be greaty appreciated. Thanks!


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Nov 30, 2008
I should either learn to code and create the EA yourself or hire a coder to do this for you. You can refer to this guide if you are looking for a coder:

Two notes:
1. If you decide to code an EA for such a strategy, I recommend checking the source code of our News Trader EA and the Amazing EA. Both trade news, but employ somewhat different strategies.
2. Backtesting news trading strategies is fairly useless. Only live account forward-tests can confirm or reject such a strategy's profitability. This is because news announcements are usually accompanied with slippage, widened spreads, and execution delays, which are poorly accounted for in backtests.
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