expert adviser

  1. SimonCrewe

    How to automate a trading strategy

    Hi, I've develloped a scaping strategy based on news events that seems to work when I backtested it manually for the last 10 years. The problem is that the market needs to be entered extremely quickly while taking into consideration the last candlestick closing price after the annoucement of...
  2. samisatochi4

    need help to convert mt4 to mt5 this ea from (earnforex)

    hi good team earnforex i need version of this ea for hidden stop loss in mt5 please hidden-stop-loss-take-profit-ghost-sl-tp in mt5
  3. JackzM

    I share login details for real MT4 account trading an EA. I give the EA and the inputs for free if you like how it works

    SERVER FPMarkets-Live3 LOGIN 6584291 PASS @investor1 Check the bot as much as you need and, if you like it, I send it to you with the proper inputs.
  4. AfroButterfly

    Backtesting Expert Advisors

    Hello, as I've delved deeper into expert advisior creation, I feel I have been limited to live trading/forward testing. I began searching for backtesting software and came across items like Soft4x, but wanted to ask the community in general if there is a commonly utilized software for being...
  5. msteroffzuks

    Expert is to slow

    Hi, im starting my adventure with experts. I chose one, bought vps server from mt5.Now have a problem. Expert is making trades but, Im get comunicate: indicator is too slow, ms. rewrite the indicator, please. Any suggestions? Expert in attachment.
  6. alireza

    Request to add data to the data window

    Hello to all I have an indicator that does not transmit any information to the data window. I need the information of this indicator in the data window to write an expert. I would be grateful if anyone could help me, and when this indicator shows the numbers one, two and three on the chart, show...
  7. Denyg

    Pip-Hunter Expert Advisor

    Pip-Hunter Expert Advisor Win Rate 93% Plus Title: Hunter_v9f Currency Pair: EUR/USD Timeframe: M5 Lots Size: Auto Compatibility: Only MT4
  8. E is a SCAMMER

    SCAMMER ALERT - Website He is a Scammer, who gets $350 for EA and will tell you will get all the EA Files and setup with Free VPS.. The EA wont work at any cost.. no setup will be there in that EA.. After the Payment he will ask for $150 for Activation.. Then he will ask for...
  9. emn9999

    ForeXolution aka Forex Solution - The Juggernaut MT4/5 EA

    Hello all! I have built a consistent and trustworthy Forex EA which I'd like to present to you - I believe you may want it. It is called ForeXolution and it is honest, simple and smart. It does not use Martingale and no grid trading. It is no scalper and no long term trader. It trades...
  10. Irakirib

    Expert advisor

    Hello, guys. I recently started using one robot. And I need your honest opinion about it. It is seems good but I am beginner and would like to hear professional thought
  11. Juliana1996FX

    Trading Gold with an Expert Advisor

    Hi traders, I am a new trader who is extremely interested in gold trading, I find it much easier to follow and learn unlike the other forex currencies, do you guys recommend me using a small trading expert advisor with let's say 1 micro lot volume size? I am planning to invest $1000 and to...
  12. aminor13

    how to findout witch expert advisor closed orders

    hi, I'm new in writing expert advisor. i'm using 3 different expert advisor named N1,N2,N3. I downloaded metatrader 4 on my iphone and in History section I want to findout witch trade has closed by witch expert advisor. I have seen some screenshot in internet that shows the exper advisor's name...
  13. fransisjon1234

    200$ deposit profit 78000$ only 4 weeks.

    i find this eas . please use my ib links . Newsfx auto trade FBS real live account
  14. ssmith04

    Super Billion EA

    This is a swing trading EA Asking $200. You will make that back in 1 hour. Minimum account size $500 per .01 lot This link is for the tester only Store Link...
  15. tomy

    Automated Trading System on TRUMP Symbol

    Hello guys, I want to share my new system based on the TRUMP symbol. Please write your comments and feedback, to improve the results of strategy. Feel free to download and test it. Platform: Metatrader 4 Minimum Deposit: $100.00 for cent account Symbol: TRUMP Time Frame: H1...
  16. S

    Bolinger Band Long Term Strategy

    Hello trader, I am Sharing with you Bolinger Band Long Term Strategy Add Bollinger Band Indicator on your chart with default setting and you have to know about it see Pic-01 Buy Trade Time Frame D1 when Candle close above of upper Band then 2nd Day put pending order buy stop 20 pip above...
  17. P

    Inertia Trader

    Inertia Trader is a commercial EA available at which I have been running since its launch in November. My results with FXChoice have been identical to theirs, albeit my starting balance was much smaller: The...
  18. Maverick

    Rule Book EA

    I have tested the water with MQL4 code now I want to jump in at the deep end and create my first EA :) It started with me thinking that a Crossover Close Position would be a script - Not so apparently :( If I am going to create an EA then it should be Multi Purpose in my opinion and facilitate...
  19. A

    Ultimate Trend Master (Real Forward test)

    Good day Everyone, I've found this expert on the MQL community. . The seller also provide live test with different risk / pairs settings and its seem strongly profitable with low risk. Does anyone already tested it?
  20. Algofxsolution

    Free MT4 EA - Close At Time

    Close At Time is an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 trading platform, that close open positions or delete pending orders or both. You can also specified how it should be closed – by symbol, magic number or ticket number. And the last one is time when expert advisor will close selected orders...